What Two Things Will Help Your Business Succeed?

No one is good at everything. No business can do it all (except maybe Amazon). There are two boxes you need to check off to ensure you’re on the right path with your business:

  1. Work to your strengths
  2. Work hard for yourself

A new business is a lot like a brand-new baby. You wouldn’t ignore a newborn for a week at a time and expect it to grow well, would you? The same principle applies to a young business – it takes daily attention to ensure it grows!

The dream of an online business is often to start it up and let it go all on its own, but that won’t give the type of results that will put money or success in your pocket. What can you do everyday to tend to your business? Here are a few steps to identify your strengths and to strengthen your business.

Find your strengths
Think about the times you’ve been successful, or things that make you feel like you’re doing your best. What are you really good at? Maybe it’s talking to people and connecting with them. If that’s your strength, you can use your ability to befriend people as a stepping stone to talking about your business. That could also translate well into talking about your business on social media, or your store’s blog, or in a weekly newsletter. Humans crave a human connection, so if you can go above and beyond the “great prices and fast shipping” focus of your marketing, you could grow a legion of shoppers who are interested in your products and you.

If your strength is creating spreadsheets, you can use that to see where your business is doing well and what needs work. No matter what your strength is, you need to find a useful way to make it work for your business.

Be accountable everyday to your success
Have a check list, or a chart, or a calendar and do at least one thing for your business. Even on the weekends! The only one invested in your success at first is you, so if you’re not helping your business grow daily, it simply won’t grow. Here are a few quick and easy things you can do on those days where you don’t want to work very hard:

  • Post on Facebook about your favorite product.
  • Change a banner on your website’s homepage.
  • Tell someone you interact with about your business.
  • Copy the link to a product on your store and post it on Twitter.
  • Start a Pinterest page with your favorite items.
  • Find a forum where you can post a link to your website.
  • Find an item in your store that reminds you of something one of your friends would love and send the link to them.
  • Log into your admin panel to check if any of the caches need to be updated (Technical Support can help if you have questions about this).

Don’t give up too soon
If you didn’t find success today, don’t quit before you see what tomorrow may bring. There are countless stories of businesses starting slow, and studies have shown that it takes up to 18 months before a new business really starts to succeed. The key is that you end to work your business to find success. There’s not one successful business on the planet that was started one day and ignored for the next 200 days. You can succeed and your business can be a winner, but you’re going to have to make it happen for yourself! Having someone who can give you a pep talk when you need it can really help keep your eyes on the prize, so let us know if we can cheer you on (our marketing reps are great at giving ideas to help your business).


So, what are your strengths? What do you want from your online business? If you don’t immediately know the answers to those questions, make it your goal today to find them! If you could use a little outside help getting your business in shape for the upcoming holiday season, we can answer all those questions for you. Just make an appointment with one of our Advanced Marketing Representatives as soon as possible! You can call them at 1-800-238-8509 during the week.
If your strength isn’t working the technical aspects of your website, don’t worry, we have experts for that, too! Our Technical Support team has the answers to your website questions, and their strength is giving you confidence to master your website. They are available to answer your questions Monday – Friday at 1-877-384-4691.