Cyber Monday Sales
Black Friday Sales 2015

The first Monday after Thanksgiving, named “Cyber Monday” due to its popularity as a day for online shopping, has increased in popularity in the past decade. This past Monday, November 30th, was the largest Cyber Monday in history for online profit; online shoppers spent more than $3 Billion on Monday alone, which is a 12% increase over 2014. It’s also interesting to note that an estimated 41% of online purchases were made with smartphones or tablets.

Another great day for online sales was “Black Friday,” which is the day after Thanksgiving. While Black Friday has traditionally been a day for shoppers to buy in stores, money spent in brick-and-mortar stores was down a little more than $1 Billion from 2014 spending. That decrease was due to a huge increase in shoppers opting to shop online, where Black Friday online revenue jumped an incredible 16.1% over last year.

Together, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday brought in $11 billion in online sales, a 15% increase from last year. 

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