Website & Account Cancellation Process

Complete the 2-step process to successfully cancel your account.
In order to successfully cancel your eMerchantClub website and discontinue any ongoing hosting charges, you must complete the two-step process that is outlined in Section 4 of the Standard Membership Rules you agreed to upon purchasing your site. Your website can only be canceled with both: 1) Written Confirmation of Your Intent to Cancel, and 2) Verbal Confirmation of Your Intent to Cancel. The form below allows you to complete Step 1 of the cancellation process immediately.
If you choose to use the form below, please note that all information fields must be filled in for your cancellation request to be accepted by eMerchantClub. If you prefer to email the cancellation department directly, send your written cancellation intent email to Please allow 24-48 hours to receive a confirmation email from eMerchantClub regarding your email cancellation request, and then call 1-888-839-8761 to complete your account cancellation.
  • Your website will not be canceled until you complete the 2-step process.
  • Hosting fees will continue to accrue until your website is canceled in entirety.
  • any hosting fees owed are due immediately upon cancellation of your site.

Step 1: Email Your Cancellation Request

All fields must be filled in to submit your request

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Please allow 30 minutes for this form to be received before calling to complete Step 2 of the website cancellation process.

Notice: Your website cancellation is effective 24 hours after completing both Step 1 and Step 2 of the cancellation process. To avoid paying an upcoming monthly hosting fee, you must submit your cancelation request seven days prior to the hosting charge date. Any requests made within seven days of the hosting charge will still incur a hosting charge; hosting payments are non-refundable.