Online business has boomed every year since the turn of the century. Back in 2000, shopping online was still new and people were a bit leery about entering their credit card information on a website. In the year 2000, Americans spent about $27 Billion  online total. Now, Americans spend money online everyday and have very little concern with security as they enter their debit and credit card info on websites that range from online bill pay for their utilities to huge purchases for luxury items. For the year 2017, online sales topped $461 Billion and it’s growing every year.

With such huge growth in such a short time, huge companies and small businesses have flocked to build online stores to capture the attention and the dollars of consumers. While it’s easier than ever to start an online business today, it also comes with built-in competition. Here are a few ideas to make your online business stand out.

Find a Niche
While your online store may never compete with Amazon, Target or Wal-Mart, you also don’t have to stock the thousands upon thousands of wide-ranging product categories these retail giants carry. Finding your niche, your specialty, can help you stand out from the crowd. With a Magento-line business store from eMerchantClub, you can choose the products you showcase on your store, making it a cinch to specialize in anything from birdhouses, candle lanterns, kitchen decor, and beyond. Find something that excites you and try being a specialty store.
Focus on Customer Satisfaction
Online shopping can feel faceless, nameless, and even cold with some websites. Make sure your store is welcoming, and be sure to answer any customer questions as quickly as possible. We believe that making one happy customer can build your business one sale at a time. Make sure your customers know there’s a real person behind the brand and that you’re ready to help them in any way you can.
Think About What You Like When Shopping Online
What do you look for when you’re shopping online? Is it discounted shipping, great selection, sales that make a splash? Think like a shopper for a minute and then create a store that you’d like to shop!
Keep Your Customers Coming Back
Once you have customers purchasing from your website, don’t let them forget about you! Send out weekly newsletter emails, update your shoppers on Facebook, and keep them in the loop when you’re having a special sale. If a shopper hasn’t made a repeat purchase in a few months, send them a special discount code created just for them via email to encourage them to come back and shop again.
Don’t Snooze on Your Site
While your online store can earn money while you sleep, work, vacation, or do other things, that doesn’t mean you can just ignore your store! Be sure you’re doing one thing a day for your online business. It’s just like a plant – you need the right combination of nurture and work to make it bloom.
Success doesn’t have to be elusive – just think about what your business needs, what your customers want, and what you can do today to stand out from the rest of the businesses online.