1. Spend at least 30 minutes a day working on your business. Have you ever met a successful business owner who ignores their business for days at a time? We haven’t. Take at least half an hour each and every day to tend to your site. Change the featured products on your homepage, answer any questions that have landed in your inbox, create a new promotion to encourage sales, promote your business on social media sites like Facebook, and so on. Investing time into your business is investing in your future success!

2. Be friendly and show your personality. There are thousands of online retail websites ready to take a shopper’s money, but most aren’t very friendly or inviting. You can make your webstore stand out by giving it some personality, creating a homepage that’s warm and inviting, and give your shoppers the feeling that they’re doing business with more than just a computer. Give them a warm welcome, great customer service and let them know they’ve browsing the webstore of someone who’s interested in their shopping happiness.

3. Address problems immediately. If your shopper received the items they ordered in less-than-perfect condition or they simply changed their mind and no longer want the items, don’t let their email linger in your inbox. Address problems quickly and fairly. If their item was damaged in transit, offer a replacement. If they’ve changed their mind, stick to the terms of your return policy that you set up with your website. If you don’t accept returns, remind them gently of that and then follow it up by offering them a 50% discount their next order (or something like that).

4. Don’t ask what your website can do for you, ask what you should do for your website. There are a lot of websites out there and yours won’t get much traffic if you’re not actively marketing, creating content, using keywords, and making the most of SEO. Don’t consider it an option – these tools are absolutely essential to a healthy online business. eMerchantClub has a lot of easy plug-ins and training classes that will help you understand and make use of these important tools.

5. Ask for help when you need it. Just because you have your own online business website that was customized just for you doesn’t mean you are on your own. Chances are you won’t know everything about online sales when you start your website, but you can accelerate your learning curve with help from eMerchantClub. Our Technical Support staff is on hand to help you figure out how to make your website work at its optimum performance, and your Advanced Marketing Representative knows the ins and outs of getting your website the attention it deserves. Lean on our experience and expertise, and we’ll help you build your business. Remember, we succeed when you do, so let’s get to work!

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