There are large online retailers that spend millions and even billions of dollars to market their business. For instance, Amazon spent $7.2 Billion last year on marketing! Assuming your budget if FAR LESS than these retail giants, how does your online store compete? Simple: personalize your business to attract shoppers who want to support a small business. You have the power, right now, to reach customers and potential shoppers with personalized marketing that’s free.
This marketing for your business won’t make you as big as Amazon (or as rich), but can have a significant impact on your business. First, choose a marketing method that you have access to right now:
                    • Facebook
                    • Instagram
                    • Pinterest
                    • Email
                    • Blogging

Once you’ve chosen how you want to reach shoppers, make a habit of posting or sending an email on a regular basis. Once a week is a good start! You don’t want to send too many messages or post too often to social media, so make sure each email or post is interesting and fun. Start with a new product, something that has just been added to your store, and show it off on your Business Facebook Page, on Instagram, post a blog, or send a photo and a short description of the product in an email to your registered shoppers.

The key to any marketing plan is consistency! If you post a product on Facebook every Wednesday, your shoppers will begin to look forward to your weekly updates. If you send an email blast, do it on the same day every week to create a reliable routine for yourself and for your shoppers.

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars advertising your business. There are endless opportunities to get your products and your online store noticed by people who want to buy what you’re selling. If you need more advice or a little help with marketing, you can call our friendly Advanced Marketing Representatives at 1-800-238-8509 Monday through Friday. Remember, eMerchantClub succeeds when YOU do, so let us help you find your marketing mojo.