Pinterest is a Free Social Media Platform That’s PERFECT for Your Business (No Matter What Kind of Business You Have)

Pinterest is a cultural phenomenon and is a go-to for all types of people to get great ideas and find things they want to buy (even if they’re not sure yet what they want to buy). From redecorating bedrooms to learning how to fix something to finding unique gifts for the holidays that are full of personality, this free social media platform is absolutely perfect for your online business. Using it is easy and, when you know all the tips and tricks, can gain you followers and more traffic to your website. Here are some fabulous facts:

  • Pinterest has 85 Million monthly users in the U.S.
  • 55% of U.S. shoppers list Pinterest as their favorite social media platform!
  • 2 billion searches are performed on Pinterest monthly.
  • 55% of weekly Pinterest users who are looking for products they want to buy.

Let’s dig into how you can set up your Pinterest account and make the most of it! If you’ve used Pinterest before, then you know the basics. If you haven’t used Pinterest, we recommend visiting https://business.pinterest.com/en/get-started-how-to-use-pinterest

start your business Pinterest page
Set Up Your Business Account
Just like Facebook, you can’t promote your products or business on Pinterest with a personal account. You need a business account to make it official! Pinterest is very user friendly, so they walk you through the steps of setting up your business account at https://business.pinterest.com/en

Business Pinterest Account

Pin Your First Pin!
Posts on Pinterest are called “pins” and as you browse the site, you’ll find fantastic ideas. If you provide a service, you can link to your website. You can also link to a YouTube how-to video if that’s what you do. If you sell products, like home decor, find a great product and cool photo from your online store and pin it! Be sure to provide a link to that product on the pin so anyone who finds it can go right to your online shop to buy it! Using Pinterest for your business is free, but you can purchase ads on Pinterest when you’re ready.

Here, we did a quick search on “Home Decor” and you can see all the pins that came up. There were a lot of “Farmhouse” decor pins, so that would be a good pin to show off your farmhouse home decor products!

Home Decor Search on Pinterest

Just remember that Pinterest, like Facebook, is a social place. Don’t overload with constant products and pleas to buy, buy, buy! Have some fun, be friendly, and like other people’s posts. This will make your business friendly to new people, who might become customers soon!

Did you know that our Magento Business Sites have Pinterest capability built right in? This cool feature allows your shoppers to find a product they like, click the Pinterest button, and that item gets pinned to their Pinterest board! It’s a really cool feature that helps your shoppers become advocates for your business by adding your products on their Pinterest account. Not only does it keep that item on their board, but it can also be seen by all the Pinterest users that follow them!

Pinterest button
Starting a Pinterest Business account is a great idea. Shoppers are already looking for great decor accents, fun gifts, and great ideas to make their home sparkle. If you want to make sure your marketing is in tip-top shape or if your website is as big as it needs to be, make an appointment with one of our Advanced Marketing Representatives at 1-800-238-8509. They are a great resource for you as you launch, grow, and work your business!

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