Tips for Your Facebook Business Page: How to Make the Most-Used Social Media Site Work For You

How many hours do you spend on Facebook daily? Believe it or not, the average Facebook user spends 41 minutes every day browsing, reading, and searching Facebook. There’s nowhere else on the Internet that makes it easy to reach people every day! So, how do you make Facebook work for your online business? Here are a few tips to make the most of this social media juggernaut.

Facebook is a great tool for your business1. Facebook Business Page

Facebook has a rule that you cannot promote a business or sell products through a personal Facebook page. If you do, they will lock and shutdown your account. A business page is key.

You can create a Facebook Business Page for your business, but be prepared to fully create the page, complete with images, content, and links to your website. It can be time consuming, and that’s why eMerchantClub offers a Business Facebook Page build that’s created specifically for your business. We’ll build it for you, so you can focus on promoting your online store on Facebook (and you’ll find a money-saving offer at the bottom of this blog).


Invite your friends and customers to like your Facebook Business Page2. Invite Your Friends & Customers

Once your Facebook business page is built, you need to invite everyone to like your page: your personal friends, any customers who’ve registered their email address on your website, and anyone else you can find.



Make a 3. Create Your First Post!

Welcome everyone to your page with a post and pin it to the top of your page. Tell them what makes your business stand out from the rest! Facebook has a handy and helpful welcome post guide at www.facebook.com.



Post great content to Facebook4. Update Your Page Regularly

The real key to getting attention on Facebook is to post regularly! Be sure to post great content, like sale announcements, showcase new products, or ask your followers a question. Make it a habit to post at least 3 times a week.


Taking advantage of Facebook’s huge number of daily users isn’t difficult, but it does take some dedication and focus. We recommend watching a few brands or companies that you follow on Facebook and pay attention to how they post, when they post, and what really catches your attention. You can use those examples for your own business!

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