Keep your health in mind while you work from home

You decided to start an online business because you wanted to make money doing something you enjoy that suits your lifestyle, plus gives you more freedom. Now that you no longer have a supervisor telling you what to do, and you no longer have to work in an ugly office where every cubicle looks the same, you can decorate the space however you want, take breaks whenever you want, and wear whatever you want.

Even though working at home has its advantages, it has some disadvantages, too. Since you don’t have to interact with people every day, you may feel tempted to let your attention to your health or appearance slip. You’ll also feel tempted to stay in bed longer, slouch on your couch, snack whenever you feel peckish,etc.Over time, these activities can take a toll on your health.

Use the tips below to stay healthy as you run your online business.

1. Snack on fruits and vegetables.

It’s normal to feel a bit hungry while you work. This arises from boredom or simply needing a small distraction to let your mind rest for a moment. You also have to expend a lot of mental energy while you work, so you may snack to give yourself an energy boost.

Unfortunately, most people turn to unhealthy foods like chips or soda to get this boost. While these foods do supply quick energy, they also put new bands of fat around your waist. You don’t want your job to make you gain weight, so the best solution is to find healthier snacks for your workday.

Healthy snacks:

  • Fruits (especially crunch fruits because they trick your body into feeling full).
  • Vegetables (crunchy ones work best here, as well).
  • Nuts
  • Herbal and fruit teas without sugar

You can also have small amounts of low-fat dairy and eggs if you need something more substantial to get you to your next mealtime. However, try to wait for regular meals to eat a large amount of food and stick to fruits, vegetables, and nuts for between-meal snacks.

2. Eat a healthy lunch

Keep your meals balanced, as well, especially lunch. Don’t overload your body with carbs and fats, but instead stick to healthier foods with a high nutrient count. These foods include:

  • Lean meats like fish, poultry, and eggs
  • Whole grains, including brown rice, whole wheat, and quinoa
  • Low-fat dairy, including yogurt and cheese
  • Fruits and vegetables, including spicy peppers and avocados
  • Legumes, like lentils or beans
  • Nuts

Stay away from anything with a high sugar content, processed flour, or trans fats. And don’t forget to control your portions! Eat enough that you feel full, but not stuffed.

3. Stay hydrated

Your body needs about eight glasses of water containing eight ounces each to function properly. The more you hydrate, the more alert you’ll feel throughout the day. You’ll also feel more full, which means you’ll snack less and preserve your fit figure.

4. Take breaks from the computer screen

Computers can strain your eyes, so take breaks every 20 minutes or so to rest them and focus on something else. Look at something less bright, and then look at something 20 feet away or more. This exercises the muscles in your eyes so they don’t strain or deteriorate.

5. Take breaks to do something fun

You can’t just muscle your way through endless tasks and expect to be at your best every day. You need to take breaks to reenergize your mind, so read a book for 30 minutes, browse social media, or even draw. The break from your work tasks will give you more energy and can even help you solve problems quicker. It will also boost your mood and relieve stress.

6. Take exercise breaks

Whether you run an online business from home or work in an office cubicle, you may still fall into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle. Take breaks once an hour to stretch your muscles and walk for five minutes (or jog in place). Since you work at home, you can even do a short yoga session or simple workout during your lunch break.

7. Stand while you work

When you sit all the time, your muscles and bones weaken because your body thinks you don’t need to use them and it allocates energy elsewhere (often to storing fat). If you stand, you engage more of your muscles at once and you burn more calories, which means you’ll do more to preserve your figure.

8. Sit on an exercise ball

If you can’t work standing up due to weak ankles or a bad back, the next best solution is to get an exercise ball. Since the ball can’t stay steady on its own, you have to engage your back and abdominal muscles to stay upright, which keeps your muscles stronger. It’ll also help you burn a few calories.

9. Disinfect your computer and work area.

You’d have more exposure to germs in a traditional office setting, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid germs when running an online business from home. Disinfect and dust your laptop and your work area regularly.

If you follow at the tips above, you’ll keep your body healthier, helping you to stay more alert and energetic as you work. This will improve your productivity, which means that your online business could see more success!

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