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Your Next Steps


Your next steps

Congratulations on becoming a eMerchantClub member and starting your very own dropshipping e-commerce business. We know that you are excited to get selling right away so please make sure to follow this list of Next Steps to ensure your success early on with your business!

  1. Customization form 

    Make sure that you have completed your website customization form and selected your domain name. Without that step you can’t get started with your website. If you are a new member you will have received a member number to your email. Use that member number to submit your customization form. Here is a link to the customization form. eMerchantClub Customization Form

  2. Set up & Connect Business PayPal

    Understand that in order for you to accept orders on your website you absolutely need to set up AND connect your business PayPal account. This is very simple to do and FREE. Click here to see how to set up Business PayPal:

  3. Explore your website

    Now that you have a fully functioning website that is able to accept payments. Start to explore how you can customize the asthetics of your website.
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