More People Than Ever Before Are Shopping Online Right Now.

Online shopping is HUGE and there’s no stopping its growth. Everything from toothpaste to vehicles, home entertainment systems to handy kitchen essentials, people are buying everything they want and need online. How can you make this booming business work for you? Here are a few ways to draw attention from shoppers interested and purchasing from your online store:

Sizzle on Social Media

You can use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase seasonal products that are perfect for backyard BBQs, summer fun, and enjoying warm weather on the back patio. It’s not often that people take a vacation from social media, like Facebook, so keeping your business in front of them this way can make your summer business boom.

  • Run a Contest! Giveaways and contests are a great way to get attention from customers on social media
  • Offer a coupon code for a discount! You can post it on your Business Facebook page, on Pinterest, or on Instagram.
  • Post products to your social accounts regularly and ask for comments about the items!

Bonus Buys

Beyond offering a coupon or discount, you can build value by offering bonus items. You could offer a summer-inspired outdoor accent that’s low cost with purchases over $75. This will slightly cut into your profit, but getting more sales of over $75 would be a great way to boost your summertime business!

Think Outside the Normal Sales

Most online retailers have 4th of July Sales, or Labor Day Sales, but by coming up with a sale on a less-common day can also attract attention. A fun way to get new sale dates is to check the National Day Calendar at www.nationaldaycalendar.com. You can also Follow Them on Facebook, so you can keep up to find out what fun celebrations happen every day of the year.

Optimize Your Site for Best Results

Any time of the year, search engine optimization is a must for your online business. From keyword-rich content on your website to blogs that can help build up your business as a trusted source, Google and other search engines are where most shoppers start their search for things to buy. SEO is to your website what propane is to your grill and the tinted lenses are to your sunglasses… in other words, totally necessary! Here are some SEO must-haves for your online store:

  • SEO content on your homepage, filled with relevant keywords
  • SEO content on your blog (you should have a blog on your site at least once a month to keep search engines coming back to crawl your site)
  • H1 tags on all your pages.
  • Links to your website from outside sites as well as within your own site (which is a great thing to use your Blog to do). 
  • Videos and other keyword-rich content 

If you’re not sure about SEO, how it works, or how important it is for you, we can help! Our pros can explain it to you in detail and help you get the SEO your website needs when you call them at 1-800-238-8509.

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