Make your website merry and bright

The biggest online shopping season has arrived and your website should be decorated and trimmed to match. Here are a few ways to welcome shoppers to your store and get them in the mood to shop:

  1. Change your layout or theme color. If you have a Version 15 or Version 16 website, you can outfit your website with our Holiday layout. Changing your site’s layout is fun and easy; if you need a little help, we have a step-by-step tutorial here.
  2. Decorate with holiday banners! We’ve made some holiday banners just for your website that you can use to give your site a jolly look. Change your site’s banner by going to your Site Manager and clicking on the Appearance column and then clicking Holiday Banners. From there, you can select the banners you want to display in the 4 different display areas.
  3. Outfit your home page widgets with products that people are shopping for. Think about what kinds of items your customers will be looking for right now: gifts, bath sets, Christmas decor, etc. While we all love a good hammock, they’re probably not what your shoppers are in the market for this month! If you need help changing your widgets, you can watch this video tutorial.
  4. Send a newsletter to your registered shoppers using one of Smart Living Company’s Fantastic Flyer designs, or just simply let them know that you have a lot of great gift items that are ready to ship. You can learn more about sending newsletters here.
  5. Set up your store’s feature departments to include holiday decor, gifts, and more. Doing this can keep shoppers’ attention and encourage them to click through your store. Learn more by watching this video.

If you have any questions regarding your eMerchantClub website, contact Technical Support at 1-877-384-4691.