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Marketing your online Smart Living Company business is vital to its growth and success, and we know that when you succeed, we succeed. With that in mind, we created a wide range of easy-to-use marketing tools specifically for your online Smart Living Company business to help you reach more customers while staying within your budget.

Whether you want to promote products on social media sites like Facebook, sell your merchandise on popular online auction websites, or optimize your website to draw in shoppers searching for products like yours on search indexing websites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, eMerchantClub’s marketing packages can help.

Direct Marketing with a website can widen your reach

Promotional Videos

Video is what every successful online business owner is focusing on because it’s proven that 85% of internet users watch videos they find throughout their searches on the web. Even better, it’s proven that video on a landing page, like your store’s homepage, means a shopper will spend 88% MORE TIME on your website and they are more like make a purchase after they watch a video! eMerchantClub is ready to create and produce a custom video especially for your website so you can grab the attention of all those online shoppers.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing isn’t just important to an online business…it’s absolutely essential. Did you know that even though you have a website, that doesn’t mean the big search engines even know your website exists? That’s like having a brick-and-mortar store with no door for shoppers to use to enter your shop! This basic tool lists your website with the major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo, so that when shoppers search for your online store, they can easily find it. Without it, your website is lost.

Search Engine Marketing is mandatory for any business
Direct Marketing with a website can widen your reach

Direct Marketing Plan

While your business has the potential to reach customers around the world, the best place to start is to reach out to shoppers in your local area. Our Direct Marketing Plan gets the word out about your business to potential shoppers in any zip code you choose. Reach out to 500 prospects, 1,000, or more with professionally designed catalogs and flyers that you can send directly to their homes.

Flea markets, home parties, and face-to-face sales are a great way to compliment your online business. After you interact with your customers, they’ll be able to visit your website and shop for the items they love anytime of the day or night through your fully featured website.

Facebook Business Page

We can build you a fantastic Facebook Business Page that is linked directly to your website. Easily promote your business, promotions, and products with just a few clicks and reach customers on the most popular social media site in the world. We’ll build your page and load it with product photos, videos, and marketing content so you can hit the ground running with day-to-day marketing and promotion of your business. Your Business Facebook Page will look great and connect your friends and fans directly to your website, so they can browse, click, and buy!

Promote your business on Facebook with a professional business page
Reach shoppers on social media websites

Social Networking

There are countless social networks, and we’ll help you promote to them easily and quickly with our Social Networking tool. We’ll add the most popular icons to your website so you can promote your products to all the best social networks with just one simple click. Your shoppers can do the same – click a button next to an item they like, and it will be posted to their social media sites where their friends can see and shop directly from you, too!

eBay Auction Expeditor Tool

Want to sell your products on one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world? Our easy-to-use Auction Expeditor Tool helps you quickly and accurately post your products to your eBay store so your shoppers can bid or buy now! This tool can save you hours of time.

eBay Auction Expeditor for quick product posting

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