Version 15 Update: Social Sharing for Small Online Businesses

Incredible new features and functions for your website

eMerchantClub proudly announces the Version 15 Update that gives your online business more power to attract new customers and cultivate repeat shoppers. This is our most feature-packed update yet and it ensures that your online business works flawlessly with other important websites that have undergone major changes recently, including Google, Amazon, and Bing search engines. Version 15 will continue to make updates to your website throughout the year as  changes occur to these and other crucial sites across the Internet. This update is one of the many reasons that eMerchantClub is one of the very best online home-based business opportunities.

Version 15 is loaded with fantastic new features that, if purchased separately, would cost you thousands of dollars and hours of time implementing. Because eMerchantClub is dedicated to giving you the best online business experience, your site will enjoy all of the features listed below and so much more. We know it is essential to keep your online business at the forefront of the latest technology in order to increase your profit potential, and with the new sales-generating features and streamlined customer-experience functions of Version 15, your business has never been better! Check out all the features of Version 15 now:


Version 15 Features

Free Smart Living Company Membership

Free Smart Living Company Membership & Renewal

Version 15 includes a free Smart Living Company Enterprise membership, giving you the biggest discounts on all of Smart Living Company’s products without the monthly $39.95 fee that other members pay. eMerchantClub will pay your  membership fee every month for as long as your website is on the current version, hosting payments are up to date and your website is active. With v15, we will also pay your yearly membership renewal fee. Add it up, and this feature alone saves you nearly $400!

Email Grabber

This cool marketing tool places a pop-up contact information “grabber” on your website. A few seconds after any visitor arrives on your home page, a box appears and asks them to enter their email address into a simple form. Even if that shopper doesn’t buy anything during the visit, their email address will be stored in your customer database so you can market to them in the future with special promotions, your monthly newsletters, links to your social media pages, and more. This pop-up can even offer them a discount that you determine, which will encourage them  to make a purchase immediately.

Quickly adds shoppers to your database
Your shoppers can log in to your site using Facebook

Facebook Customer Login

Version 15 will add the capability for your visitors to log into your website through their Facebook account. This is simply one of the hottest technological and marketing features on the Web, allowing customers to create a new account on your website in seconds rather than minutes. Remember: The easier it is for a customer to log in to their account or create an account on your site, the more likely they are to follow through with an order and make a purchase.

New SEO Tools You Need

Google, the Web’s biggest and most-popular search engine, made some significant changes recently to its search algorithm. The new Panda and Penguin releases from Google reward websites for continually updating and having rich content. eMerchantClub is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to create the best SEO possible; with Version 15 you have more ability to fine tune your site’s SEO down to the product level with meta tags, keywords, and descriptions. This allows you to create custom SEO, current with the latest updates from the world’s largest search engine. This can improve your search engine ranking, which can in turn bring more customers to your store. You will also notice changes to tableless design with an update to the latest CSS3, as well as an update to robot txt. to help you control what the Google bots see when they scan your website. Search Engine Optimization is absolutely essential for any website, and your online business depends on SEO to attract customers.

SEO tools that are essential to your business
Share on social media with just a click

Social Sharing Made Easier

Version 15 adds social media buttons to your website that allow you and your customers to share the products you sell right from your website to Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Social media is absolutely the hottest way to market your business; there’s no other marketing that gets you more attention for free than viral marketing!

Deal of the Day Promotion

Another incredible feature added to the Version 15 tool box is the “Deal of the Day” function. This allows you to select a particular product that will be automatically discounted for a 24-hour period, making it your website’s Deal of the Day. The urgency of a one-day special is a great way to get customers to buy now before the offer disappears. You can promote this deal on your website, send an alert to your registered shoppers, and promote it on your social media pages. It also helps your search engine ranking because your website will have new content on a daily basis, plus you can schedule products in advance so your website will have fresh content daily with minimal setup time.

Grab the attention of shoppers daily
Better searching, better results!

Improved Search Function

Google’s recent search changes have made it impossible to stuff repetitive keywords onto your website pages, which affects any site that relies on keywords to help shoppers find the types products they are looking for. Version 15 gives you an updated search function to accommodate Google’s changes, and this “halo” search helps to deliver relevant results to your curious shoppers. When they type in a word or phrase into your site’s search box, they will see products that contain different forms of that word or concept; for instance, if your customer searches your site by typing “Candle” into the search bar, the delivered results will include products labeled Candles, Candle, Candleholder, Candle holder, and so on. This can increase sales and help your site with Google search engine rankings.

eCatalog Updates

With your Version 15 update, your website will be loaded with the current eCatalogs from Smart Living Company when the digital catalogs become available. Your website will showcase the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 eCatalogs, and your customers will be able to flip through the pages of these digital books right on their computer screen. When they click a product they like, they will arrive on that product’s description page on your website. All they have to do from there is add it to their cart and check out! You will also be able to email pages from these catalogs to customers to encourage registered shoppers to click and buy.

Get your Smart Living Company eCatalogs
New website layouts you'll love

10 New Website Layouts

Ten new layouts will be available to Version 15 websites! If you like the latest Version 14 layouts, you will love the updates and changes that are coming with these incredible v15 designs! These professionally designed layouts will make your online business stand out, and as always, you’ll be able to change your site’s layout with just a few simple clicks any time, as many times as you’d like and without additional charges or fees! Give your business a fresh look and attract customers with these attractive designer templates. They will also feature new navigational changes that will allow for even greater customization of your site.

“Sticky” Navigation Menu

Version 15 layouts will feature a brand-new “sticky” menu. This handy navigation tool follows your customer’s mouse as they browse your site, giving them a convenient way to navigate through your site’s pages without having to scroll back to the top of your website. Making your website easier to navigate is a great way to encourage shoppers to stick around and see everything you have to offer!

Keep the menu close for easy use
Better email from your website to your shoppers

Better Email

Version 15 will update your website-based email to give you fast, secure web email that meets current compliance expectations. You will enjoy vault-like security, HIPPA compliance, firewall protection, and built-in anti-spam and anti-virus software. This update will reduce unwanted spam emails that get delivered to your website email address, and will improve the overall security of your email so you can communicate with your customers with total peace of mind.

New Banners

Version 15 will add 10 new banners to our already-large selection that you can use to decorate your website and advertise promotions. Get your website loaded with special occasion and holiday banners, or announce special sales. Also included will be banners specially designed for our Canadian members.

10 great decorative banners
Make your website look the way you want it to

More Font Choices

Currently, you have six different fonts to choose from to display your website’s text, from your product descriptions to your About Us page. Version 15 gives you a complete package of an additional 60, of the most Popular Google fonts that can really make your website look great!

Google Translate

Your website in over 40 languages! Now your business can reach across language barriers and borders with this fantastic new feature built into Version 15 layouts. Shoppers who speak a different language can read and interact with your website’s non-secure pages simply by translating your site into any language, even Klingon for your Star Trek fans!

Do business with people around the world
Set your own shipping prices

Shipping Cost Override

This great new feature allows you to set a specific shipping price for individual non-Smart Living Company products. This will give you even more flexibility when creating promotions of your own! You can also use this handy tool to offer special shipping prices on non-Smart Living Company products as a promotion to encourage shoppers to make a purchase.

Ongoing Website Updates

Web algorithms, marketing and criteria change on a daily basis. The Version 15 Update will continue to update your website throughout the year in order to meet and work in unison with Internet-wide changes. For this reason and as a quality control measure, eMerchantClub does not support websites that don’t have the current version update.

Updates all year long
Take control of your payments

Add & Manage Your Hosting Payment Accounts

This great new feature allows you to add an additional form of payment to your account through your Site Manager. You will be able to edit and change the account that will be charged for monthly hosting fees as needed. Add a credit card, checking account or saving account and feel secure knowing that hosting fees will be deducted from the account you choose.

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Some of the features listed above may not be included in your website package. All Non-Big Value Websites are automatically charged the annual update/maintenance fee on June 30th of each year, as agreed to in our Membership Rules. The Social Media update feature was originally set to include Flickr and Instagram, which are restricted to mobile-only platforms. We found it to be in our members’ best interest to forgo links to those social media sites in favor of the widely used Pinterest and Google+ for best performance and applicability on all platforms.