“Black Friday” is quickly becoming a holiday for shoppers. The day after Thanksgiving is known for great sales, stores that open before the sun comes up, and long lines of people trying to get incredible deals on gifts and more. This year, Black Friday will fall on November 27th, and while that’s more than a month away, you need to start making a marketing plan NOW to really make the most of this busy shopping day.

You may not have a storefront for shoppers to line up outside, but what you do have is an online store that they can shop without leaving home! For every bargain hunter who camps outside of a store at midnight to get those great Black Friday deals, there are five shoppers who are more than happy to browse great offers online from home. These are your shoppers, but with all the online marketing “noise” from stores offering deals that day, you need to make a plan that will grab their attention and encourage shoppers to visit your site. 

5 Actions to Make Your Black Friday Great:

Create a great sale or promotion. Think about what would entice you to shop at a retailer and then create a sale or promotion like that for your customers. Do you love free shipping? How about a 30% off coupon? Spend $100 and get a $20 gift card for a future purchase? Specials on great gifts for him or her that make it easy for your shoppers to find what they want? Whatever promotion or sale you decide on, make it worthwhile! This deal is for 1 day only, so don’t be afraid to make it extra enticing for your shoppers.

Promote Your Sale. Once you have your promotion figured out, create a flyer to distribute and/or make computer-generated images that promote your sale. You can hire a graphic artist for a reasonable price to create a quick flyer design or web graphics (look on Facebook or Craigslist for help). Once flyers are printed, bring them to local real estate offices, doctor’s offices, boutiques, flower shops, etc. For web graphics, place them on your business Facebook page, Twitter, in your Newsletter and anywhere else you want to promote your upcoming sale. Start this process now so that you have ample time to promote your Black Friday special.

Keep Promoting! Shoppers have a short attention span, and there are a lot of websites out there. We recommend letting your current and potential shoppers know about your Black Friday sale 2 weeks in advance (so start on November 13th). Then, every few days, give them a gentle reminder that a great sale will be coming their way on Black Friday starting at 7 AM (or whatever time you choose) and ending at whatever time you choose. This makes the sale stand out, makes it really special, and will keep them interested! Don’t forget to include your website’s domain name in everything you do, from emails to Tweets to Facebook posts. Keep your domain name visible and easy to click! 

Make Your Sale a Big Deal. Beginning on Monday, November 23, remind shoppers daily about your Black Friday Sale to keep your offer fresh in their minds; you need to really push for people to come to your website to find great gifts and decor for the upcoming holiday. Promote on your Business Facebook page, tweet about it on Twitter, email your shoppers, tell everyone you meet, and always have some flyers with you to hand out. Let them know your sale is a really big deal and they don’t want to miss out! 

Get Ready for Shoppers. Make sure your website is completely prepared for Black Friday. That means performing a Data Update on your website the night before to ensure that your website is showing current and in-stock merchandise. Be ready to answer any questions that may come your way on Friday, too. Remember: Shoppers will be inundated with sales and offers on Black Friday, so you want to be available to them when they need assistance or have questions about your merchandise. Make sure your website looks great, and the welcome text on your home page is current, friendly, and free from spelling errors. And at the end of your sale, be sure to make those sale prices disappear!

Last year, online shoppers in the U.S. spent $2.4 BILLION on Black Friday! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to kick off your Holiday season with a big sale, and don’t stop promoting once the sun sets on Black Friday. Create a seasonal plan that will keep shoppers coming back to your online store through December and beyond! If you need help creating a marketing plan that will work for you this season, call one of our Advanced Marketing Representatives for advice: 1-800-238-8509.