How writing blog content can help your business

Writing blog content for your business can greatly help your brand to be found by others online. Although, when you don’t have experience generating blog content you may have trouble knowing where to start. In this training document we will discuss what a blog is, what you can write about, how to compose a blog post, and why blog post will help your marketing!

What is a blog post?

A blog post is a article or written content that you create for your website or blogsite. Blog post typically convey information that is associated with a specific topic that can be related to a product, service, organizations, or general information. Blog post all have different purposes. For example, a blog post can exist to inform members about company news or a blog post can be promotional in nature and let customers know about an upcoming product release. 

Blog post are some of the most diverse forms of digital content and they are familiar to most web users. Anyone visiting your web store may want to read your blog posts to learn more about your brand, products, or services.

What to write about

If you are excited to start generating blog posts but do not know what to write about consider starting with one of the following general topics:

Business information and news – Connect with your customers, fans, and shoppers with general information about your business. This blog post can speak about your small businesses aspirations, core values, owners, direction and much more! Customers are more trusting of brands that are transparent and share with them information about the direction of the company or brand. 

You can also let customers know about company news like new shipping destinations, new product releases, or any events. 

Promotions – Customers are usually most interested in how they can save money shopping on your website. Launching promotions on your blog is a great way to let people know. This tactic can also let your customers know they need to follow your blog to stay updated on the best and current promotions. 

Informative Content (great for Google!) – Googles search engine in 2021 is driven by informative content. More specifically, matching a Google users search intent to the informative content. So, how can your blog take advantage of this and target these customers? You simply write a blog post about your products, product categories or what you think your customers may be searching for. Here is a simple example: 

Your website sells decorative birdhouses. They are pretty popular but you don’t feel you get enough sales. A blog post tactic is writing an informative post about decorative birdhouse that will rank on Google. The post could be titled “Top 10 reasons to buy a decorative birdhouse”

Creating a blog that is informative and follows specific Google formatting factors will greatly increase the chance of Google users searching for “decorative birdhouses” finding your website and birdhouse products! 

Blog formatting

Blog posts need structure. It is never optimal to write a blog in a continuous stream of consciousness. Blogs need to be formatted for readability and searchability (ability for Google’s search algorithm to scrape your blog effectively) 

Here is the formatting that you should stick to for your blog posts:

Headline – This is the title of your blog! This is what the blog will be about and what people will see first. Always make sure your headline is relevant.

Introduction – Introduce to the reader what they are going to be reading. Typical “tell you what I am going to tell you” style.

Main content – Your main content will house all of the blog information.

Subheading (bullets, bolded text, etc) – Break up your blog into different sub-headings so the blog is easier to read and it flows.

Numbered lists – Lists are great for getting recognized on Google. Number your lists and provide value adding information.

Media – Your media can be images, videos or even .gif

Conclusion – Tell the reader what you told them.

Clear call to action – A call to action is what desired action you would like for the reader to take next. This can be whatever you want but make sure to make it appropriate for the blog post content. 

Linking – You can link externally or internally. Just make sure that the link isn’t spammy and relevant to your content.

How do blogs help you get more customers?

A well written blog post is never a waste of time or money. Blogs can help you connect with existing customers, build trust, and bring in brand new users. Here are a few of the main ways blogging will help your online business: 

Website traffic – For everyone with an online business ‘web traffic’ is the holy grail. The more potential customers you have visiting your website, the better chance you have to make sales. Blog post that are well written and formatted properly can rank high on Google and get you traffic to your website. For example, you may be selling a product that is in an extremely competitive space. The more competitive a product or service is, the more difficult it will be to rank on Google. That is where you blog post can skip the proverbial ranking line and go right to the front generating you lots of traffic for the lifetime of your blog post.

Great advertising – Blog posts allow you to market your product or service over a series of post or articles as opposed to the traditional ‘buy now’ method. Blogs allow you to write in detail about your marketing promotion so consumers can really grasp why this is a great promotion for them. 

Build a community – Some of the largest online communities in the world are blogs or started as a blog. When you create blog content on a regular basis you inadvertently create a community of readers. You can allow comments to see how your readers are reacting to your blog content. Some websites even take things a step further and create an online forum for their readers to connect with each other, share stories, or information. 

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SEO Strategy for Online Businesses

Let our experts help you get discovered by more shoppers

SEO strategy for online businesses

Bottom Line: You can’t ignore SEO completely. You at least need the very basic, entry-level Search Engine Submission package to ensure your website can be found on the Internet.

It’s estimated that 97% of shoppers use the Internet to get information and make purchasing decisions, but that doesn’t mean that simply having a website filled with products for sale is enough to succeed. The best-designed website with the greatest prices in the world will find it tough to grow if no one can find it on Google, Bing, Yahoo and beyond. Adding search engine optimization to your website will help make your online business visible to shoppers who want to buy the items you offer. For that purpose, we have 3 fantastic SEO Packages built with you in mind.

Search Engine Optimization is complicated and changes constantly. Our Managed SEO Package gives you an entire team of professionals who are constantly researching the latest trends and techniques to get the best search engine results for your business, eliminating the confusion of trying to get search engine results all on your own. We also offer basic and intermediate packages that can improve your online store’s visibility to shoppers across the Internet. eMerchantClub has the SEO marketing tools you can use to get found and the help you need every step of the way.

First, Let’s Answer Some Common Questions…

SEO is essential for any online business

Imagine your website is a city, and Search Engine Optimization is the road map.

SEO is the use of specific keywords, phrases, tags, and other criteria that tells search engines what exactly your website is about. Search engines are smart, but they need a road map to find the important parts of your website; SEO builds a “map” so they can quickly understand your website. The search engines then file that important data in their memory to show your website when appropriate to searchers. SEO is absolutely essential, because without it, your website won’t exist to Google, Bing, Yahoo and beyond! The sole purpose of SEO is to get the best possible ranking in search results. The higher your website appears in a search list, the more likely a shopper is to click on your link and visit your store!

Your website won't be found without SEO

Without SEO, Your Website is Lost!

When a person performs an online search, the search engine goes through millions and trillions of stored data bits instantly to produce relevant results. Those stored bits of data are a direct result of proper SEO. Search engines can help send people who are looking to buy what you offer to your website; these shoppers are called ‘targeted traffic.’

SEO can help boost your search engine ranking (where your site appears on the list of websites produced in a search). With the ever-increasing competitiveness of the Internet, having the right SEO in the best possible places is the key to success.

Google alone estimates that 14 billion searches are performed on their site every month. Some estimates state that 99% of search engine-based clicks to websites come from the first 10 results (first page), and 97% come from the first three results. How do you get better Search Engine ranking? SEO.

SEO is what your business needs

Our SEO Packages Deliver Results

There are millions of websites and millions of products for sale online, so having the best possible SEO is absolutely essential to give your website a fighting chance at success. eMerchantClub’s three SEO packages are tailored for your website, your goals, and your budget. We have a team of SEO experts who fully understand the latest techniques on how to improve your website’s search engine results without requiring you to invest hundreds of hours doing it yourself. Search Engine Optimization has many factors that influence the way search engines view your website, the data collected, and your rank in results. Optimization takes a lot of time and energy; it’s not something you can do once and then forget about.

SEO takes skill and knowledge

Are You a Google Webmaster?

Search Engine Optimization is extremely complicated. While you can do some very basic things to improve your website’s visibility, every major search engine constantly updates and alters the way they gather data. Keeping up with these changes takes a lot of time and knowledge. Our SEO experts specialize in getting the best and most effective SEO for your specific business, and they are continually educated on upcoming search engine changes and updates. Letting them take care of your website’s most important marketing tool – SEO – ensures that you get the most effective keywords, meta tags, links and alt tags working for your website while you work on making your business great.

Most likely, you don’t have time to learn about this changeable but essential tool for your website. Let us help you with any of our three Search Engine Optimization packages.

Next, Here Are 8 SEO Facts You Need to Know…

The Main Goal of Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps you build your online presence, making it easy for targeted customers to find you. SEO tells search engines exactly what your business does in the very specific language that search engines speak. SEO also involves communicating your website’s most relevant properties, building content, and linking your website to others as a “vote” of popularity. The more popular your website, the more important your website appears to search engines.

SEO Doesn't Work Overnight

Effective SEO can have a powerful impact on your website traffic and rankings. SEO results are achieved through a series of tasks that take time to be implemented on your website and also take time to be recognized by search engines. There are no shortcuts to make good SEO recognition happen faster, and depending on the competitiveness of your keyword, your budget, and search trends, the initial results may take up to a few months to be noticed. Like all good things, it’s worth waiting for and your patience will pay off.

Proof of SEO Quality

Quality SEO involves a lot of work, including content placement and linking your website to others. Climbing the ranks on search engine results is a good measure of the quality of the SEO work done, but no reputable company can guarantee first-page rankings. Be sure you don’t get fooled by anyone promising you first-page rankings because actual, organic search engine results have far too many factors to make such a promise valid. The good news is once you reach a level of SEO success in the rankings, your website will stay there until someone else does more SEO work than you.

It's Important to Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords are essential to effective SEO, and our experts will help incorporate your chosen keywords throughout your website to make it both more search engine friendly and relevant. They will assist you in researching and selecting the right keywords for your online business so you have the best opportunity to succeed. You’ll want well-searched keywords and phrases that don’t have too much competition. It’s a delicate balancing act that our SEO experts can help you navigate for the best results.

Your Content Makes a Big Impact

While SEO relies heavily on Tags, Titles, HTML, and URL names, search engines also heavily weigh the actual text content of your website when determining how to rank it. Having your entire website, from your welcome message to the alt tags on photos, focused on the best SEO for your business is the key to success. Our experts can help you identify the right keywords and more, plus help you give your entire website an SEO lift.

Link Your Site to Others

While it’s important that your website contain keywords, tags, and more that search engines can easily identify, your website must also be linked to other websites that are relevant to your keywords and topics. Finding other websites to link to can take a lot of time and energy because link building is a continual and ongoing process, but our experts already have lists and relationships with site owners that can help your website’s SEO. When links to your website are broadcast in the right locations, your site will be positioned to receive more valuable attention.

Search Engines Are Complex and Evolving

Our team of SEO experts has vast knowledge of the very complicated algorithms that Search Engines use to factor in hundreds of criteria as they determine how sites will rank in their results, and these factors constantly change. Our pros know the ins and outs of updates and changes, and they are focused on keeping your website up-to-date to ensure you’re making the best SEO decisions for your online business.

Your Whole Site Can Build Value

Most websites consist of more than just a home page. Each page within a website can rank individually on search engines. Usually the main focus is on a home page, but every other page within a domain can be optimized to draw more attention to your site. We can show you where to add SEO-rich content for best results.

Getting search engine optimization for your business is essential.

To help you, we’ve created 3 results-driven SEO packages.

Top Level

Recommended for Best Results

Our SEO Pros will do the hard work for you

Ultimate On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Our Professional SEO Team Works for YOU


Let the professionals make the most of your website with eMerchantClub’s Managed SEO package. You’ll get a team of specialists working to make your website completely optimized with the latest methods to give your business the best chance at climbing the ranks of search engine results.

Our Managed SEO Campaign Service is the solution to your online marketing needs. We offer full-service SEO for small businesses with prices similar to other traditional advertising methods. SEO is proven to have one of the highest Returns On Investments (ROI) for marketing dollars and is especially useful because it helps to both increase your visibility and draw a more targeted audience, leading those customers who are ready to buy to your site. Our knowledgeable experts will make recommendations for on-site changes and then focus their time monthly on off-site SEO marketing. These off-site techniques will be focused to create search engine trust in your website to help your site rank higher. These tasks are extensive and will ensure that your site continues to grow each and every month. We are one of the only companies that will give you an SEO dashboard that will show you the SEO work that is being done, as well as how it’s being done. That means you don’t have to take our word for it or search your own site for confusing SEO – we show you exactly where and how much we’ve done for you. Your website will be fine tuned to be discovered by Google, Bing and Yahoo, and beyond; it’s like hiring a race car pit crew to tune up your car! Each campaign we create consists of a powerful mix of SEO tasks that are designed to get your website the visibility it needs. Some of the services we offer include:

Expert SEO Consultation

  • Keyword Selection: Analysis and implementation of the most relevant and effective keywords for your products or services.
  • SEO Dashboard: You will be able to log in and see everything that is done to grow your website’s reputation with search engines each and every month.
  • Reputation and Trust: Create white-hat SEO to help get the search engine rankings you are looking for.

On-site Optimization: Making Your Site More Search Engine Friendly

  • Title, Meta, and H1 Tags Analysis and Creation
  • Site Map and Robots.txt File Analysis and Creation
  • Website Copy Analysis: Edits to support keywords.
  • Implement Website Changes and Content Optimization
Get the best SEO for your business.

Link Building Tasks

  • Key Business Directories: Submissions to the top business directories with your keyword supported and categories defined.
  • Keyword Link Building: Build links directly to relevant vertical keywords. This provides credibility and trust for your business in your market.
  • Competitive Link Building: Targeted link building from competitor’s backlinks for keywords you are trying to rank in.
  • Social Bookmarking: Keyword-focused links to your site in the form of bookmarks within social bookmarking communities.
  • Blog Submissions: Original content created and distributed with keyword support and linked to your website URL. Article Submissions: Creation of unique and informative articles that provide education in your market and distributed to informational websites. Articles give your website more authority in your market.

Local Search and Maps Optimization

  • Business Profile Creation: Creation, categorization, submission, and verification of your business profile listings on top business profile sites.
  • Business Profile Citations: Submissions and optimization for business profile listings. These support and build your major business profiles’ credibility, while providing more ways to be found online.

Reporting and Transparency

  • Easy-to-understand report that shows you all the SEO work done for your website.
  • Keyword ranking report shows you where you rank for the keywords you’ve selected.
  • SEO Metrics report shows you how your SEO campaign is improving your website’s visibility.

managed seo for your business

Essential Level

Available for Pro Websites & Above

SEO is a must for all businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Starting at $499

Our Search Engine Optimization package will put your website in the position to win with the latest methods that search engines use to determine the ranking of websites in search results. While no legitimate search engine services company can guarantee your website a top-10 ranking for competitive keywords, we can promise you that people will be able to find your website when they search! Our knowledgeable team will add customized keywords, meta tags, and all the behind-the-scenes data to your website that search engines look for. Your website will be fine tuned so it can easily be discovered by shoppers using Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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