Cyber Monday Sales

Shoppers are ready for fresh merchandise and great deals as the weather warms up! Spring home decor and especially outdoor decor is hot right now, so let’s make the most of the season. With your eMerchantClub Magento website, you have the ability to showcase thousands of awesome items to online shoppers. If you haven’t changed up your store offerings for Spring, we highly recommend taking some time to make your online store look fresh. Here are some tips that you can use to market your business today:


  • Use Bright Colors¬†After a long and dreary winter, shoppers are ready for a season of fresh renewal. Use some bright, vibrant colors on your website, web banners, and graphic ads. “Think Spring” in your color scheme!
  • Tax Season Can Be Helpful A lot of shoppers are flush with cash right now, thanks to a generous tax return. Consider running a “Tax Season” sale to attract customers to spend some of their disposable income now!
  • Spring Cleaning Take some time in the next few weeks to do some Spring Cleaning on your website. Check to ensure your information is still correct, there are no misspellings on your site, and maybe change up your product offerings to reflect the fresh new season.
  • Great Products for Great Weather Shoppers are looking to head outdoors more as the sun stays out longer and the days are warmer. Feature patio furniture, planters, garden decor, and the latest trends (like Coastal Style, Farmhouse Chic, etc.).
  • Be Thankful! Spring is a great time to spread some goodwill to your shoppers. Send a special, personalized “thank you” to each of your customers this month and you could create a relationship that lasts throughout all the seasons! You can also extend thanks to followers on social media, send an email thank you to your newsletter subscribers, and a special thanks to anyone who helps you with your business.


    If you need help or have any questions about your eMerchantClub website, contact Technical Support at 1-877-384-4691.