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Have questions about your eMerchantClub website and online business? We’ve got  answers to frequently asked questions below that may help you get the information you need. You can also visit our complete video tutorial library located at http://www.emcmanual.com/video_tutorials/index.html.

If you can’t find the information you seek on this page or the video library, ask your eMerchantClub website-related question by filling out the simple form at the bottom of the page. For one-on-one answers to your questions, call technical support Monday through Friday at 1-877-384-4691 from 7 AM to 6 PM Pacific Standard Time.


My Website is Complete. What Next?

Your Next Steps

 There are elements of your eMerchantClub website that should be checked before any customers make purchases.

 1. Make sure you have at least one valid checkout solution.

PayPal is the preferred method of checkout on eMerchantClub websites. To check if you have PayPal enabled:

  1. Log into your Site Manager.
  2. Click ‘Store Profile’ in the ‘Appearance’ column. Then click ‘Contact Us’.
  3. Navigate to the bottom of the page and make sure your email address that you used to set up your PayPal account is entered into the box where it says “PayPal email address”.
  4. Make sure the box ‘Enabled PayPal’ is checked. If this is the case, your checkout is ready.

In addition to PayPal, you can also use a Merchant Account with Payment Gateway.

2. Enter tax information (if necessary).

If you are required by your state or province to charge taxes, make sure the values are entered into your website’s Site Manager before you make any sales.

  1. Login to your Site Manager
  2. Click ‘Sales Tax’ in the ‘Orders’ column
  3. Choose the appropriate option (ex: State/Province) and simply enter the values one by one.

If you need assistance with how to enter the tax values, you can contact Technical Support. (Technical Support cannot assist with figuring out your tax requirements.) Please click HERE to watch a video tutorial on how to set the sales tax on your website.

Logging Into Your Site Manager

To learn how to login to your Site Manager, you can follow these instructions or watch our video tutorial by clicking HERE and then clicking on the video titled “Logging Into Your Site Manager.”

The Site Manager allows you to check orders, shoppers, or make changes to the look and feel of your website. To access the Site Manager, you‘ll need to access a special login screen. To get there, you’ll need to go to the home page of your website and click ‘Sign In’ or ‘Log In’ at the top. You’ll be asked to enter your Email and Password, however that step is for shoppers only. In the Email box, type the word admin and then leave the Password box empty. Then click ‘Continue’.

You‘ll see the login page to your Site Manager. In the Username box,  type your Site Manager username (which is your email address). In the Password box, type your Site Manager password (which is your member number if this is your first time logging into your Site Manager). Click ‘Login’.

You‘ll now be at the main menu of the Site Manager with five headings: Appearance,  Products, Sales, Marketing, Support. (Note: If you don’t see these headings, click ‘Main Menu’ at the top left-hand corner.)

For help on the Site Manager you can check the eMerchantClub Manual by clickingHERE, or you can contact Technical Support at 1 877 384-4691.

Set the Correct Tax Rate

Click HERE to view the step-by-step video tutorial titled “Configure the Correct Website Sales Tax.”

Your website will automatically charge California sales tax to your customers; you need to check with your state tax board or a tax professional for the correct information on the following:

  • Do I need to charge other sales taxes?
  • If I do need to charge taxes, when and how much do I need to charge?

eMerchantClub cannot answer the above questions for you. We also cannot instruct any business owner on how to report taxes to the IRS. Once you have the required information from a certified tax specialist, eMerchantClub Technical Support can assist you with applying these values to your website.

You can call Technical Support at 1-877-384-4691 or check the manual atwww.emcmanual.com.

Shipping Orders to Your Customers

When your eMerchantClub website is built, shipping costs for products are set as the default from the drop-shipping warehouse. We do this so that, automatically, your customers who make a purchase on your website will pay approximately the same amount for shipping as you’re expected to pay when placing the order with the warehouse.

You can change the default shipping costs on your website, if you wish. To do this, please contact Technical Support at 1-877-384-4691 or consult the online manual at www.emcmanual.com.

Adding Your Own Products

Adding Your Own Products to Your eMerchantClub Website

Note that adding products to your website is a feature not available on all websites. If your website doesn’t have the functionality, call 1-888-919-7627 to learn about your options.

The easiest way to learn how to add your own product line or products from another manufacturer to your eMerchantClub website is to watch the easy-to-follow, step-by-step video in our library titled “Add Products to Your Site” by clicking HERE.

If you need further help, contact Technical Support at 1-877-384-4691.

Gift Cards on Your Website

Gift cards are a great way to get customers to your website. You can purchase gift cards that can then be used on your eMerchantClub website for the merchandise you sell. Each $10, $25 or $50 card comes with its own unique 22-digit code that is only usable on your website. However, the cards do not come with any labels, so you’ll want to create some labels to place on the cards containing your website address (domain), your company name and a way to contact you with questions (email or phone).

If you are unable to get the physical Gift Card to your customer, you can email the card number (the unique 22-digit code) with your website information and they will  be able to use the gift card.

Gift cards also come with a blank list so you can keep track of who has which card. While not completely necessary, keeping an organized list is vital if you plan on gifting or selling the card to someone else if your first customer does not use the card.

Keep in mind that gift cards offer a discount on your website, but not a discount toward the wholesale price you’ll pay for the product. This means that gift cards do NOT pay for the product (you must do that upfront). However, the amount spent on purchasing gift cards may allow you a pool of credit that is designed to be used when customers spend gift cards. That way, you pay less out of pocket for gift card orders.

You may opt to sell the gift cards or simply hand them out as a promotion. It is not recommended to provide several gift cards to the same customer, because you’re using up your marketing potential and not gaining any profit. Instead, use the cards sparingly enough so that you can have opportunities to make a profit plus you will have more gift cards on hand for future potential customers. Your goal is to encourage shoppers to spend the gift card balance on your website and, hopefully, pay extra out of their own pocket by ordering more than they would have without the gift card incentive.

Setting Up Sales & Promotions

Click HERE to view the instructional video titled “Set Up a Coupon Promotion on Your Site.”

A Price Promotion offers a discount to your shoppers that is applied to the items they put in their shopping cart. A shopper must add a product to their shopping cart and then view their shopping cart in order to see the discount.

You can create a variety of price promotions on your eMerchantClub website. You can offer a percentage off the total order, a set dollar amount off an order, or even a shipping promotion. You can even choose what type of customers can receive a discount, how often they can buy during the promotion, and easily add start and end dates to your sales.

Everyone loves a great sale, so this tool is a great way to get more shoppers to your website and encourages them to buy now! eMerchantClub recommends that you always have a promotion running on your website, with start and end dates, and change them often.

If you still have questions after watching the video tutorial, contact Technical Support at 1-877-384-4691.

New Domain Name

eMerchantClub Gives You a Free Domain Name!

A domain name is the address of your website. For example, www.www.emerchantclub.com is eMerchantClub’s domain name. eMerchantClub will cover the cost of a 1-year domain  registration for one domain name (a $35 value) and will continue to cover the annual renewal cost of your domain name as long as your hosting fees continue to paid and are current.

Before getting your eMerchantClub website launched online, you’ll need to choose a domain name. Domain names are like snowflakes: no two can be the same, so think of a few different options that would suit your business.

Take your list of potential domain names and go to eMerchantClub Domain Registration. Here you can check availability and register your domain name. You will need your email address and membership number to use this website. If you decide you want to change the website name down the road, you will have to pay $35 to change the name and you will also have to resubmit the new name to search engines.

Once your name is submitted, allow 7-10 days for registration. Once your domain name is registered and your website is built, you can begin advertising your website!

(Note: If you have your own domain name that you purchased with another company, click the button on the left  that reads “Already Have a Domain Name?)

Already Own a Domain Name?

Link Your Own Domain Name to Your New Website

eMerchantClub gives you a free domain name and registration, but if you have already purchased a domain name or have been running a website with a domain name you’d like to transfer your eMerchantClub website to, we can do that. There are a couple of steps  that must be followed in order to link your pre-owned domain with your website.

STEP 1: Update Your DNS (Domain Name Server) Information:

The first step you’ll need to complete is updating the DNS information with your current domain provider. If you’re able to login to your domain‘s control panel, you can complete this step yourself. If not, you’ll need to contact your domain provider directly.

Either way, you’ll want to have the DNS updated to the following information for Value, Value Plus, Value Intro, Pro, Deluxe websites:


For Big Value websites:


STEP 2: Once the DNS is updated and you‘ve waited a few hours to make sure the changes are visible, contact eMerchantClub Technical Support at 1-877-384-4691. Tell the representative that you want to link your pre-owned domain name to your new eMerchantClub website.

The representative will check to make sure the changes to your domain are visible online. If the changes are visible, our representative will prepare a formal request to link the domain name. Once submitted, the request will be completed in 2-4 business days.

Note: Updating the DNS on your domain name will cause any previous websites linked to that domain to not display. Please be sure the domain is not currently linked to any website that you would like to remain online.


Check to See If You Got Paid

Make Sure Your Customer Pays YOU Before You Place Their Order with the Warehouse

There are several ways to collect payment for orders on your eMerchantClub website.


PayPal is the most common and likely payment method that your customers will use to purchase items on your website.

  • PayPal will send you an email when you are paid.
  • Or, you can login to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com and check to see if you have received money.
  • You can watch our informative video on this subject by visiting our Video Tutorial Library (CLICK HERE) and watching the video titled “Know When Your Customers Pay for Orders via PayPal.”

Merchant Account with Online Payment Gateway

You can get a Merchant Account and Gateway to accept credit cards on your website. Note: eMerchantClub websites are ONLY compatible with Meritus or authorize.net gateways.

  • To check for payments from customers, you’ll need to look at your bank statement or gateway website.

DO NOT place the merchandise order through Smart Living Company until you are absolutely sure that your customer paid for their order.

Once you‘d been paid, submit the order to be fulfilled.

Submitting Orders
Customer Delivery Issues

Troubleshooting Customer Delivery Issues

You‘ll want to double check to make sure that the order has been submitted. On the ‘All Orders’ screen of your Site Manager, there will be date located under the ‘Submit Date’ column if the order has been submitted. If there is no date, check the box next to ‘Order ID’ and click the ‘Apply’ button next to ‘Submit Order to Process’.

If there is a submit date, contact eMerchantClub Technical Support at 1-877-384-4691.

Accepting Credit Cards on Your Website with a Merchant Account/Gateway

Accept Credit Card Payments Right On Your Website

Shoppers expect to use their credit card to make online purchases. Credit card processing is one of those “must have” website features, but in order to accept credit cards on your eMerchantClub website without making your customer visit a third-party site to complete their purchase, you’ll need to get a Merchant Account and Gateway.

Here is how a transaction is processed online with a Merchant Account and Gateway:

  1. Customer selects an item and proceeds to checkout.
  2. The gateway detects a request, encrypts the customer’s credit card info and sends it to the credit card issuer.
  3. A reply is sent back to the website.
  4.  If approved, a settlement request is sent to the merchant account provider.
  5. Funds are deposited into the merchant’s checking account (that’s you).

This method can be used on your website along with PayPal to give your shoppers more than one way to checkout. Keep in mind, Meritus and authorize.net have monthly fees for these services that are in no way related to or controlled by eMerchantClub.

To get a Merchant Account and Gateway for your website, contact eMerchantClub at 1-888-919-7627.

How PayPal Works

CLICK HERE to view a video tutorial of how to sign up for PayPal by watching the video titled “Create Your PayPal Business Account.”

PayPal will accept any major credit or debit card during checkout. When a customer checks out with PayPal, they are redirected to a PayPal screen where they are presented with two options:

  1. Sign into PayPal
  2. Checkout without signing in (checkout as a guest)

Either way, the customer completes the billing page and clicks the purchase button on PayPal to complete the transaction.

Within several minutes, you will be notified via email that you were paid through PayPal. Once you receive this notification, you are free to submit the order to be shipped to the customer.

You can also link your PayPal account to your Site Manager to be instantly notified of a payment. To link your website and PayPal, click HERE and watch the video titled “Know When Your Customers Pay for Orders via PayPal.”

Note: PayPal charges fees for transactions that are in no way related to or controlled by eMerchantClub.

Set Up Your PayPal Account

You’ll need at least a PayPal Business Payment Standard account so you can accept credit cards as payment on your website.

Our websites already come with a shopping cart, so you don‘t need to worry about getting a ‘Buy Now’ button. All eMerchantClub needs is the email address you used to sign up for PayPal to link your PayPal Account to your website. Once this link is established, you’ll be ready to accept credit cards on your website. It’s that easy.

Click Here to go to PayPal’s website.

Click Sign Up Now and follow the on-screen instructions for setting up a Business PayPal Payment Standard Account.

You’ll need:

  • A valid website address
  • Your checking or savings account number to link
  • Your email address

You can also click HERE to watch our step-by-step tutorial titled “Create Your PayPal Business Account.”

After you’ve set up your PayPal account, contact Technical Support to make sure the email address is set up within your site to connect Paypal. That’s it!



Standard Membership Rules

Please carefully read these Standard Membership Rules for eMerchantClub LLC, which can be found on the Membership Rules page.

Technical Support

Technical Support

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Outside US and Canada:  1-805-210-7610

Hours of Operation:

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