Version 16 Update

Giving your website a competitive edge in online business

eMerchantClub’s yearly version updates ensure that your website will meet the ever-changing standards on the Internet, and your website will also continue to work with important websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, and more. Without these continual updates, your website will become obsolete in a matter of months! In addition to keeping your website’s external features current, the Version 16 update also gives you new and updated features to help you run your online business. The new Version 16 Update is power-packed with a full list of features, but two are absolutely essential based on changes that Google has just made. Without them, your website won’t be competitive in online retail.
We built the Version 16 update specifically for you and your business. We want to help you keep your online store on top, and this combination of behind-the-scenes and customer-friendly additions and changes are just what you need. The incredible new features bundled in Version 16 would cost you thousands of dollars if purchased separately, but because we know how essential these upgrades are to your business, we added them to the Version 16 Update that will make essential changes to your website now and throughout the year. While we think antiques are great, having an antiquated website that’s even just 3 months outdated from the latest updates can cause you to lose business and profits.
Version 16 Additional Features
Make your website responsive

Responsive Layouts for Mobile Devices

48% of shoppers use their phone or tablet
Did you know that 48% of web traffic comes from mobile devices? If your website isn’t “responsive,” meaning that it can easily be viewed and used on smaller screens like phones and tablets, you may be missing out on nearly HALF of the shoppers your site could be attracting! Version 16 will make your eMerchantClub website responsive so that shoppers can browse and buy items on your website from their hand-held devices (phones, tablets, etc.) with all the ease of use that desktop computer users enjoy.
52% of shoppers use a laptop or desktop computer
Why is this important? Well, besides the obvious that you want mobile shoppers to enjoy your website as much as desktop computer shoppers, having a responsive website is also important to Google. Google has begun giving more “trust” to websites that are responsive, and that means mobile-friendly websites have a better chance of showing up in Google’s search results. It’s estimated that there are 1 BILLION Google searches per MONTH… so being trusted by Google is a very good thing.
BENEFIT: A responsive website is like having 2 websites in 1! Your desktop computer shoppers will enjoy shopping your full website, and now your mobile shoppers will also be able to enjoy the great products and features your website provides without sacrificing the functionality or the look! PLUS, Google is giving more attention to mobile-friendly websites, which can improve your search result ranking and help you attract more shoppers to your website.
Updated Framework to keep your website up-to-date

Updated Framework For Your Website

Just like a great house needs a great foundation, your website needs a great framework to help you build your business. Version 16 responsive layouts will have an upgraded framework that will give your website quicker response and allow eMerchantClub the greater ability to design new layouts that look fresh and modern, and unlike anything we’ve designed before.
This updated framework will support more dynamic website features and widgets, which means that we’ll be able to build you new features, widgets and responsive content for your website that will make shoppers take notice. While this new framework won’t seem obvious to you, when you see the new features that will be possible because of this update, you’ll love this update!
BENEFIT: Improving your website’s framework gives us the power to create more responsive and dynamic websites that will ‘wow’ your customers. The new features that will be possible because of the improved framework are sure to make your online business look and function better than ever before.

Set Minimum Purchase Amount for Gift Cards

This great new feature was built for you by popular demand. It gives you the ability to set a minimum purchase amount for any shopper using a gift card. For those of you with Direct Marketing Campaigns, this gives you the flexibility to continue handing out promotional gift cards to draw in shoppers without hurting your bottom line! You can decide how much a shopper must spend when using one of your promotional gift cards, ensuring they don’t spend only the gift card amount and then check out, plus you can set an expiration date for gift cards. Whether you use Direct Marketing or not, you’ll love this new feature that helps keep an eye on your profit margin!

Set a minimum purchase amount on gift cards
Add low-quantity items to your website

Site Manager Quantity Count

Ever wished there was an easy way to check the exact quantity count on an item in the SLC warehouse from your website’s Site Manager? Now there is! While eMerchantClub websites are set to remove products that have a quantity count below 5, with this new Version 16 feature you can customize your site to show products that have a quantity count below that threshold. This gives you more control over the products that are shown on your website and the flexibility to showcase items that have a low quantity count but are in high demand from your shoppers! Version 16 puts the control in your hands, giving you the ability to add hundreds and hundreds of products* to your store that were previously shown out of stock but are actually just low-quantity items!

*Depending on your website model.

Website Quantity Counts

A great way to encourage shoppers to make a purchase is to let them know that there are only a few in stock of the item they like, and if you have shopped Amazon or eBay, you have probably already seen this feature in use. When a customer clicks through to a product description page that has a low quantity in stock, your customers will see the number of this item available, such as “Only 7 left in stock!” This information can create urgency and encourage the shopper to buy now!

Show how many in stock on your website
Increase sales potential with Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together

While this feature has been available for Smart Living Company products, with the Version 16 Update you’ll be able to activate the popular “Frequently Bought Together” function for your non-Smart Living Company products on your Pro or above site model! Showing shoppers other items they may be interested in is a great way to increase your sales totals and profit.

5 New Website Layouts

Five new responsive layouts are coming in Version 16 that will look great and function on almost any screen. These new layouts will be like two sites in one, and will conform to screens of PC shoppers and mobile shoppers alike. This feature is exactly what Google is looking for when they say “mobile friendly!” These modern designer layouts will make your website look professional, and the new framework will allow us to provide even greater options and flexibility. Your customers will rave about your new look and, best of all, you can change your website’s layout any time you want, as often as you want!

Five new responsive layouts
Your shoppers can checkout as a guest

Customer Registration Update

It’s true that asking for too much information makes shoppers shy away from registering on your website, and sometimes even stops them from making a purchase altogether! With Version 16, your customers won’t have to give as much information to register on your site, and shoppers will also be able to checkout as “Guests,” skipping the full registration and taking up less of their valuable time.

Manually Add Shoppers

Version 16 gives you the freedom to manually add shoppers’ email addresses to your website’s database. All you need is the person’s name and email address, and once confirmed, you can begin sending them special offers, newsletters and any other marketing campaigns directly from your website.

Add email addresses to your database
Custom-made decorative banners for your site

New Promotional Banners

Version 16 will add 10 new banners to our already-large selection that you can use to decorate your website and advertise promotions. Get your website loaded with special occasion and holiday banners, or announce special sales. These little additions give your website a professionally designed and customized look that your shoppers will love.

Free Smart Living Company Membership & Renewal

Version 16 includes a free Smart Living Company Enterprise membership, giving you the biggest discounts on all of Smart Living Company’s products without the monthly $39.95 fee that other members pay. eMerchantClub will pay your  membership fee every month for as long as your website is on the current version, hosting payments are up to date and your website is active. With v16, we will also pay your yearly membership renewal fee. Add it up, and this feature alone saves you nearly $500!

Free Enterprise membership to Smart Living Company

eCatalog Updates

With your Version 16 update, qualifying website models will be loaded with the current eCatalogs from Smart Living Company when the digital catalogs become available. Your website will showcase the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 eCatalogs, and your customers will be able to flip through the pages of these digital books right on their computer screen. When they click a product they like, they will arrive on that product’s description page on your website. All they have to do from there is add it to their cart and check out! You will also be able to email pages from these catalogs to customers to encourage registered shoppers to click and buy.

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Some of the features listed above may not be included in your website package. All Non-Big Value Websites are automatically charged the annual update/maintenance fee on June 30th of each year, as agreed to in our Standard Membership Rules.

Looking for the Version 16 Training? Download it here:  V16 Training