The Version 20 Update Is Coming Soon!

eMerchantClub’s yearly version updates are built to keep your website up to changing standards on the Internet, as well as give you added benefits that you can really use. Our main priority is to ensure your website will continue to work, and that’s why each version update is packed with essential security updates, technology updates, performance updates, and web-standard updates. Without these continual updates, your website will become obsolete quickly!

Our dedication to bringing you security and web-wide updates that you won’t notice along with amazing front-end add-ons and features that will “wow” you is why we’ve been building websites that mean business for 20 years! The incredible new features of Version 20 would cost you hundreds of dollars if purchased separately, but because we’re in this with you, we understand that adding essential upgrades to your business along with new features is one of the reasons you’re a member.

Version 20 Features You’re Going To Love

The new Version 20 Update will keep your website up to date with all the necessary security and technology advancements so your store works seamlessly with important websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, and beyond. Your Version 20 Update for your eMerchantClub Magento website comes with a Frequently Asked Questions Page for your website, filled with content relevant to your business and that can put potential shoppers at ease as they decide to do business with you. It’s an essential page for any online business like yours, and we’re building it for you! Wait, there’s more!

You’ll also get a brand-new marketing tool called Sign-Up Promo! This fully customizable, easy-to-use feature gives shoppers who register with your website an INSTANT DISCOUNT CODE to encourage them to make a purchase right away. This feature automatically generates unique coupon codes for every new shopper who registers and can increase your profit potential. Not only does your shopper get a great incentive to purchase, but you get a new shopper to market to again and again! Big retailers (that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their webstore) use features like this, and now you will, too!

The Sign-Up Promo Is Great for You and for Your Shoppers!

How coupons can influence online shoppers

Shoppers using an instant coupon facts

Get to Know Your Version 20 Update:

Give Shoppers a Reason to Register with Instant Savings!

The incredible new “Sign-Up Promo” feature gives shoppers an good reason to register with your website: an instant coupon code for a discount you choose on their first order! In return, you get a registered shopper that you can market to again and again. You choose the discount given and then this marketing tool does all the work from there, giving out special limited-time coupons to encourage new shoppers to sign up and save.

Add low-quantity items to your website
Add low-quantity items to your website

Frequently Asked Questions Page

eMerchantClub has specially built a Frequently Asked Questions page that pertains to your business and how it operates. It’s a great benefit to your website that can help answer shoppers’ questions immediately and help them understand the order and shipping process of your online store, plus search engines like the abundance of information that this page will provide. First-time customers may feel uncomfortable ordering from a new online store, so putting them at ease with answers to common questions can be the difference between them leaving your store and placing an order! For many people, FAQ pages are often the first page they go to after the Home page.

In-Demand Products for Your Site

Version 20 Magento websites will give you access to thousands of in-demand, wholesale products. Depending on the website level you choose, you can find a niche to showcase on your store or show them all! These great products are listed at retail on your store but you’ll only pay wholesale, which means you keep the profit on every single item you sell. 

Add low-quantity items to your website

Essential Technology and Security Updates

With your Version 20 Update, you get year-long security and technology updates that ensure your website keeps in step with the rest of the Internet. When important websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, eBay, and more make changes, we work diligently to make sure your website is right there with them. Your site will continue to work well with these other giants of the web, plus all security updates will be kept current. These updates happen all year long and absolutely essential to keeping your website on track for success. We work hard for your store all year long to make sure your site is up-to-date, secure, and working to Internet-wide standards.

With the Version 20 Annual Software Update you’ll get:

      • A full year of essential security updates
      • A full year of necessary technology updates
      • A full year of performance updates
      • A full year of web-standard updates
      • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, which all trustworthy online stores use to build confidence with new and current shoppers
      • PLUS you’ll receive the Sign-Up Promo feature that’s yours to use for the life of your website!

Call now to get your Version 20 Update: 1-800-750-2871

Some of the features listed above may not be included in your website package. All Non-Big Value Websites are automatically charged the annual update/maintenance fee on June 30th of each year, as agreed to in our Standard Membership Rules.