Magento 2 Update from eMerchantClub

Your Version 21 Update from eMerchantClub

eMerchantClub is excited to share the latest news with you: the Version 21 yearly version update is going to move your online store to the latest and greatest version of Magento! The Magento 1 platform has been a great place to build an online store for more than 14 years. Now, with all the newest technology and advances, it’s time to get your online store moved to the current industry standard Magento 2. We’ve been working with our technical team of coders and web builders to build your store on the new and improved Magento 2 platform.
Not only is this move going to be beneficial for your business with improved features for you and your shoppers, but it’s absolutely essential because Magento has announced that Magento 1 will no longer be supported. Ultimately, that means the end of important security updates, code fixes, or problem-solving from their network in the coming weeks and months. Online stores still on Magento 1 will have issues and may stop working altogether, which is why moving to Magento 2 is essential for you.

Version 21 Is All New!

With Magento 1 discontinued, the only way forward is with Magento 2. We have worked with leaders in Magento technology to create a completely new experience for our Magento website owners so that your online store will be fully functional and up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

There is a lot to love about Magento 2, including a better dashboard experience for you, improved SEO functionality, better search function for your shoppers, and PCI Compliance that allows your website to work seamlessly with PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

Magento 2 for only $199


Magento 2 is really exciting for us and for you! We are working with leaders in Magento from around the world right now to ensure that you get the very best out of this Magento 2 update, and here are just a few of the changes we can all look forward to:


  • Faster performance overall, including a quicker checkout process. Making your online store responsively quick builds trust with online shoppers, especially in the checkout screen. Any type of lag can scare of potential customers, so the speed update in Magento 2 will have your website responding to clicks and checkout faster.
  • An easier-to-use admin panel is also in store for you with Magento 2. Once you see the streamlined dashboard of your updated website, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to check orders, update products, and add content to your website.
  • Elastic search will vastly improve the overall search experience on your Magento 2 website. This will help shoppers find what they want and need when using the search function on your website, which can lead to better sales performance.
  • Built-in search engine optimization on Magento 2 includes meta tags and titles that are easy to add and alter on your website. Search engine optimization is crucial to creating an online store that gets noticed by shoppers, so these built-in SEO improvements are a big deal.
  • PayPal users won’t have to leave your Magento 2 website to complete their purchase! With industry-leading PCI Compliance and security, your shoppers can pay for their order right on your website. This is another part of the streamlined checkout process that is yours only with Magento 2.
  • Improved security and continual updates and support from Magento developers that are now 100% focused on Magento 2. Magento 1 websites will no longer receive important security patches and updates, which makes them vulnerable to attacks, and that’s why your Version 21 update to Magento 2 is absolutely essential.


The average cost for a non-eMerchantClub member to move their store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is $51,000. Your Version 21 yearly update moves your store to Magento 2, which means you’ll pay less than a tenth of a percent of what other businesses will pay on average. Not only are you getting the deal of the century, but you’ll also get improved functionality, better security and search, and the newest Magento technology!

Here’s What’ You’ll Get With the Version 21 Update:

  • A brand-new Magento 2 website
  • Improved search function on your website
  • SEO functionality that is vastly improved
  • An easy-to-use dashboard to control your site
  • In-site PayPal function so shoppers don’t leave your store
  • Faster performance
  • Mobile responsive website
  • PCI Compliance for your online store
  • A full year of essential security updates
  • A full year of necessary technology updates
  • A full year of performance updates
  • A full year of web-standard updates 

Call now to get your Version 21 Update: 1-800-750-2871

Some of the features listed above may not be included in your website package. All Non-Big Value Websites are automatically charged the annual update/maintenance fee on June 30th of each year, as agreed to in our Standard Membership Rules.