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eMerchantClub’s easy websites can turn your Smart Living Company business into a fully powered online home-based business opportunity that lets you sell to the millions of shoppers who buy items online every minute of the day. eMerchantClub is the only authorized Smart Living Company website builder, and only eMerchantClub can give you a complete website loaded with Smart Living Company product photos, descriptions, and prices right from the start. When your website is delivered, you can begin selling products to shoppers instantly! We’ve been helping members since 1999, and we’ve got everything you’ll need to launch a great online business that fits your lifestyle and your goals.

What else can we do that other web builders can’t? Only we can give you a website with direct access to Smart Living Company’s constantly updated inventory database. Your website’s inventory is always kept up to date so you don’t have to worry about selling out-of-stock items! Additionally, we won’t let you buy your website on this website. Why? We are committed to building you an online store that’s completely customized for you and only you. We’re also experts in SEO strategy for online business, which can put you ahead of the competition. Our trained experts are standing by to help you every step of the way, so you can be more successful with the right website right from the start. Call us for a free consultation and we’ll show you how.

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Choose your domain name

Name Your Website and We'll Register the Domain For You!

The domain name for your new website is completely up to you. You choose the name you want, we'll let you know if that domain is available and then we'll register it for you. eMerchantClub will continue to pay the yearly domain name renewal fee with the registration company for as long as your site is current.


Free 1-on-1 training session

Get a Personalized Tour of Your New Website

When you get your eMerchantClub website, we give you a one-hour, one-on-one training session with a website professional. They will teach you the basics of running and maintaining your website. When you're done with this helpful tutorial, you'll have the confidence to work your website to its full potential! There's no extra charge for this invaluable training that's completely customized for you.


Free live technical support

Technical Support When You Need It

eMerchantClub proudly offers FREE Technical Support from our knowledgeable team. We don't outsource our technical department, so when you have a question about your website you'll be helped quickly by someone right here in our West Coast office!


Smart Living Company Products


eMerchantClub is the only authorized builder of Smart Living Company member websites, which means only we can build you a website with a direct link to their inventory database. We'll give you a fully customized site that lets you sell the items YOU want to sell with specific marketing and management tools just for Smart Living Company members. Whether you want to showcase the most popular merchandise or offer everything in the entire Smart Living Company lineup, we have the perfect website to suit your goals.

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Accept payments via PayPal

Your customers will feel confident buying from your website with the safety and security that comes with using their PayPal account, which connects their payment directly to your bank account so you have direct access to funds.


Smart Living Company Gift Cards

SLC_logo copy

Offer Smart Living Company Gift Cards

Your website will accept Smart Living Company gifts cards! You can sell gift cards on your site or offer gift cards to your customers as incentives, which will cost you a fraction of the face value. This is a great way to get more shoppers to your website, and no other web builder can do this for you!


Google Analytics for Your Site

GraphWhere Do Shoppers Come From?

Your eMerchantClub website comes equipped with easy integration to Google Analytics, so that you can easily see where web traffic is coming from and how shoppers are discovering your website at no extra cost. This essential tool will help you form an effective marketing plan that could increase your profits!


Add Your Own Products

YourOwnProductsSell Your Own Products!

Are your crafty? Do you sell another line of products? Have some stuff around the house you'd like to sell? You'll get additional products spaces to upload the items you want to sell alongside the Smart Living Company products in your online store. This is an easy way to run two businesses at once, all in one convenient website.


Easy sitemaps

compassGet Discovered with Sitemaps

Your eMerchantClub website will create an easy sitemap that can help big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo figure out what's on your website and when to suggest your website to the millions of shoppers who are on the hunt for products like yours.


Automatic Product Feed

New Products Added Weekly

Your Smart Living Company products will be automatically updated on your website! That means new products will get uploaded to your site and out-of-stock merchandise will be removed so you don’t have to worry about showing unavailable items.


Built-in newsletter tool

PromotionsSend a Newsletter the Easy Way

Sending a newsletter straight from your eMerchantClub website couldn't be easier with this built-in tool. Send a customized email newsletter to your shoppers to let them know about new items that are available, a great sale or promotion, or just remind them that your store has the merchandise they want to buy!


Decorative Banners

Dress Up Your Website for all Occasions

You have full control of the images on the homepage of your site, including the ability to upload your own large banner images. Promote your favorite product line, create holiday banners, or alert your shoppers to a current promotion!



Create your own pages

buildpagesMake the Website Pages You've Always Wanted

Your eMerchantClub website will be delivered to you full of product photos, descriptions, and prices, but that doesn't mean you can't customize your website to suit your business. Here you can build your very own pages to let your shoppers know more about your business, your products, advertise specials or anything else you want!


Price slasher discount tool

Savings They Can See

A great sale will make even the most hesitant shopper feel like clicking the 'add to cart' button on your website. With the Price Slasher tool, you can easily create discounts on products that your customers won't be able to resist. It will show the regular price 'slashed' and the discounted price and percentage of savings!


Social networking made easy

SocialSharingShare Your Products on the Most Popular Social Media Sites

eMerchantClub websites have built-in social sharing capabilities. You can share a product to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many more by clicking the corresponding icon on the item description page. Your customers can also share the products they love with their friends, and their posts will link back to your website so everyone can click, share, and shop!


Digital catalogs you can share

75539_WOPS15Catalogs That Will Make Your Shoppers Flip

You'll get digital 'eCatalog' versions of Smart Living Company's beautiful catalogs that your customers can view on their computer screen and 'flip' through pages just like they would with a paper copy.


Affiliate program **COMING SOON**

AffiliatesCreate a Network That Works

You can easily build an affiliate network with your eMerchantClub website to help get more traffic to your store from other sites on the web, or make money by joining an affiliate network. This also helps with your website's important Search Engine Optimization.


Frequently bought together

Frequently Bought TogetherMake Suggestions, Make More Sales!

The 'Frequently Bought Together' feature on your eMerchantClub website shows your customers similar or related products to the item they're currently looking at. This can increase your profits with add-on purchases.


Product tag word cloud

word cloudWord Clouds Help With SEO!

This little widget on your website can help your shoppers find what they are looking for while also helping Search Engines like Google and Yahoo find your website when people perform a search on those sites!


Express order checkout

checkoutCheckout in Fewer Clicks

In the fast-paced world of online shopping, your website will be on the leading edge of technology with this awesome tool that lets your registered shoppers buy products from your store in just a few clicks!


Abandoned shopping cart tool

Remind Them of What They Loved and Left Behind!

Your eMerchantClub website will remind shoppers when they've put a product in their virtual shopping cart and then left without completing the purchase. They'll get an automatic email with an easy link they can click on to return to your store to buy what they love!


Internal and external webfeeds

Reach More Potential Shoppers

Two kinds of webfeeds, two kinds of benefits! By adding external webfeed content to your website, you may see better Search Engine ranking results thanks to the links it provides to your site. By creating an internal webfeed of your own, your products can be recommended by other websites, which can gain you more exposure and new customers!


Merchant Account Gateway

Accept Credit Cards!

Your eMerchantClub website will have a Merchant Account Gateway, which means your customers can pay with their debit or credit card right on your website, without leaving to complete their purchase on a third-party payment site. This makes buying items from your online store a confidence-inspiring experience for your shoppers.


Ultimate On-Site SEO

Search Engine Optimization Done Right

One year of Search Engine Optimization can put your online business on the fast track to better results, better exposure, and better profits. Get your website discovered on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and countless other search engines that people use every second of the day.


eBay Auction Expeditor

Sell to the Highest Bidder!

Our incredible Auction Expeditor tool makes selling products on eBay easy. In a few clicks, you can upload the merchandise from your website to your eBay account and market your items to one of the most popular shopping websites in the world!


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