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Step 1. How to fill out customization form

Click here to fill out customization form

Step 2. How to set up PayPal account

Click here to set up PayPal account

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 Product Membership and Website training

You have already scheudled your training!

– Be sure to be on time, schedules fill up quickly

– Have a computer ready to use for training

– An hour before your training appointment your training docs will be sent to you

Check your Spam box

We do our best to keep our customers updated on important information, and to do that requires a few emails. Unfortunately, getting emails to inboxes is not always easy. If our emails are not making it to your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk file to see if they landed in there. If they did, right-click over the email and mark it as SAFE or NOT SPAM. This will ensure further emails hit your inbox!

Check out the Product Warehouse

By now, you already have access to our product warehouses. Within a day or so, your wholesale product pricing will be activated to see your profit margins when you login to each website warehouse. You have complete pricing control on any product you sell, meaning if you want to mark the price up or down, you are free to do so! Currently, you have access to three warehouses, with more on their way in the coming months. Your membership gives you wholesale pricing on thousands of products, and you can order products from any of our USA-based warehouses! Just don’t become your own best customer! Now have some fun and see what you have to offer to your customers at EMCorder.com, USAdropshop.com, and OrderMega.com now!

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Congratulations on completing your Customization Form and getting your Online Business started!

No doubt you are excited, and we are too about helping you create long-term growth! Having an Online Business has helped many of our customers create extra income on a monthly basis with just a few hours a week. The time you invest over the next  3-6 months can have great returns and help grow your business at an outstanding pace! Online sales continue to grow, and there are more ways now than ever before to help market your business. You just have to put it to work! From Facebook, Instagram,  eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Groupon, Mercari, Etsy, Pinterest you can even sell your products on Walmart.com now a days! These are all great options to help gain and grow new customers that you can market to over and over again, encouraging them to make purchases on your website!

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