What happened to Smart Living Company?

So, What happened to smart living company?

In 2012 Specialty Merchandise Corporation changed it’s name to what we know as Smart Living Company. The name change was a result of Specialty Merchandise Corporation ownership transitioning. At this time, Smart Living Company’s business model focused on selling home decor products at wholesale pricing. 

This model gave their members the ability to start their own “at home business” with the Smart Living Company wholesale product line. In 2019, Smart Living Company (SLC) was bought out by another drop-shipping company. 

eMerchantClub customer support

How eMerchantClub answers the call for old SLC members!

If Smart Living Company no longer exists, you may be asking yourself, how can I get my hands on great wholesale products that I can sell from home? eMerchantClub is your answer!

eMerchantClub has been building e-commerce website for over 20 years. eMerchantClub was the original website builder for Smart Living Company & Specialty Merchandise Corporation.

Today, you can easily become a member with eMerchantClub and start running your at home online business! 

Except eMerchantClub will give you access to tens of thousands more products than previously. All of eMerchantClub’s wholesale products are shipped from our American product warehouses. eMerchantClub is an American company with a U.S. based customer support team.

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