What Really Happened to Specialty Merchandise Corporation

and Smart Living Company?

Have you been wondering where to find Specialty Merchandise Corporation (SMC)? In 2012, the owners of Specialty Merchandise Corporation wanted to retire, so they sold the company to some family friends. At that point, SMC as we knew is changed in various ways, including the new owners changing the name of the business to Smart Living Company. The business retained the “work from home” model that helped SMC build a 50-year-long successful business.

Smart Living Company focused on home decor and outdoor garden decor at wholesale prices, which allowed members to create a home business that worked for them. SLC innovated the warehouse so that many item shipped the same day they were ordered, giving members the ability to compete with huge product suppliers. At the end of 2019, Smart Living Company was bought out by another drop-shipping company with home decor products.

eMerchantClub began building websites for Specialty Merchandise Corporation members in 1999. In the past twenty-plus years, eMerchantClub has seen many technology changes and business changes, retaining the ability to create websites for SMC members, then Smart Living Company members, and now we continue to provide access to those great home and outdoor products offered by the new owners of the company. Even better, eMerchantClub has expanded to now offer products from 3 diverse drop-shipping warehouses in the United States. We have been building websites that mean business since 1999, and we’re still your source for the products you want to sell online with easy drop-shipping and low wholesale prices.

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SigmaSLC and Specialty Merchandise Corporation products
SigmaSLC Specialty Merchandise Corporation and Smart Living Company products
  • eMerchantClub gives you a free website, domain name and training when you launch your online store with us! Plus, get access to three warehouses right here in the U.S.A. that will drop ship your orders same-day for you.
  • You can update your website’s products, promote your new business and so much more with just a few clicks.
  • We’ve been making websites that means business since 1999, and we’re standing by to make YOUR online business dreams come true.
  • Got questions about your new website? We have answers! Our technical support team is just a phone call away and they’re in our West Coast office Monday through Friday.


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    “eMerchantClub told me that having my own online store to sell home decor, electronics, and more would be easy, and they were right! They are always there to help when I have questions, and the website really is easy to use.”

    Sue B., Idaho

    Here are just a few of the newest products we’ve added to our lineup:

    We Connect You Directly to U.S. Drop Shippers. Your shoppers’ orders get shipped directly from one of the 3 warehouses to their doorstep. You don’t have to pack or ship a thing! No middleman, no markups, no hassle.

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