Finding Drop Shippers in the USA Is Difficult (But We’re Making it Easy!)

You can get thousands of products drop shipped same-day from our three amazing warehouses.

Almost everyone is shopping online right now. Whether it’s everyday essentials or products that make home life more entertaining, online shopping is booming. Many companies make it seem easy to start a website and hook up to drop-shipping warehouses, but the catch is that those warehouses are usually in far away lands overseas and orders can take up to a month to arrive at your shoppers’ doorstep! In this day and age, shoppers don’t want to wait weeks to get their orders.

That’s why eMerchantClub is excited to announce that we’ve added a THIRD U.S. drop-shipping warehouse to our lineup, filled with more than 7,000 products that range from kitchen must-haves to home theater electronics and so much more. All three of our amazing drop shippers store, pack and ship everything same-day right here in the USA! Let’s take a look at our newest product warehouse: USA Drop Shop:

USA Drop Shop is Open!

The third warehouse added to eMerchantClub’s membership, with 7,000+ items in a wide range of product categories. All items get drop shipped from the US same-day.

While online retail is booming, it’s become obvious that the real trouble lies in getting low-priced merchandise delivered quickly. In 2020, shoppers expect to get delivery of their online orders within days! That’s why we have worked so hard to secure huge warehouses right here in the U.S.A. that are filled with in-demand and stylish items. With our three amazing warehouses, we now can offer our members nearly 10,000 products at low, wholesale prices that can be sold online for retail prices (and our members can pocket the profit).

Check out just a few of the drop-shipping categories on USA Drop Shop:

Smart Phone Accessories

Smart Phone Accessories

Chargers, screen protectors for popular iPhone and Samsung phones, travel accessories and more!

Home Audio Equipment

Home Audio Equipment

Home stereo systems, turntables, even karaoke machines for entertaining your family and friends, plus all the essentials.

Kitchen & Cooking Essentials

Home Cooking Appliances and more

Slow cookers, food processors, instant pots and all the great gadgets and small appliances to make a memorable meal.

Drop shipping has been rising in popularity over the past five years. It’s a great way to run a business, because you don’t need to store, pack, or ship any of the items you sell. The catch has always been that the best-priced items are stored in warehouses across the ocean, which means that delivery takes weeks and sometimes months. That’s what makes eMerchantClub stand out – all three of our drop-shipping warehouses are located in the U.S., which means that products get drop shipped the same day they are ordered and delivery is within that 2- to 4-day window that online shoppers demand.

If you’re working from home now or if you have suddenly found yourself out of work, starting an online business makes perfect sense. You can work your business anywhere with a wifi signal, and our easy drop-shipping method means you don’t have to worry about loading your spare room with products. In fact, you don’t even have to buy an item until you’ve already sold it to a shopper! You take the money they give you for the item, you order it from us, and we ship it out. You pay us the low, wholesale price, and then you keep the rest of the money as your profit!

eMerchantClub is proud that we’ve solved the biggest issue online drop-shipping businesses face: ordering products from far away lands that don’t arrive quickly. Our three amazing warehouses (EMC Order, Order Mega, and now USA Drop Shop) eMerchantClub also has live tech support right here in our office, plus in-house marketing pros to help you along the way. We’re an American company that’s proud to drop ship products from the USA from our three state-of-the-art warehouses:

EMC Order Order Mega USA Drop Shop


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