Make the most of your time and your online business.

Many of us have plenty of free time right now that needs to be filled with something productive. If you’re working from home or if you’re searching for a way to make more money while you’re stuck at home, focusing on your online business could pay off big!

It’s no secret that online shopping is set to have its biggest year ever, and right now the only shopping most of us are doing is with online retailers. Take advantage of your free time or your commute-free days with three ways to get your online business noticed (and if you don’t have an online business yet, call us at 1-800-238-8509 to take advantage of our free trial).

1. Post Products to Facebook

Almost every person in America is spending hours on Facebook daily! Take this opportunity to get your business in front of them. Focus on quick orders offering special discounts for ordering today! Post at least one product a day.

If you really want to get serious, have a special that only runs for a limited time, even as short as one or two hours! Your goal is to get your customers to think about your business FIRST when they are shopping online.

Six Steps to Sharing on Facebook:
1. Visit your online store.
2. Find the product you want to promote on Facebook. Our suggestion is to find something that shoppers would be looking for right now. Here are a few examples: Spring = garden items, Summer = outdoor fun, Fall = decor and candles, Winter = seasonal decorations and gifts.
3. When you have a great product to showcase, copy the URL in the address bar of your browser.
4. Go to your Business Facebook Page and start a post. Write a little bit about the item, give a special discount and when the discount expires, and then paste the link right in the text box. We have an easy how-to video on creating discounts on your eMerchantClub Magento store.
5. Facebook will generate a link to your store’s URL and even grab an image for your link.
6. Share it with your followers!

Note: Make sure you are posting to your Facebook Business Page. Facebook rules don’t allow running a business or selling things on your personal Facebook page and Facebook will suspend your account for these activities!

2. Sell on eBay

eBay is a great tool that you can use for almost free! You can post up to 40 products without an upfront fee on this giant of online shopping. You’ll only pay a small fee when your item sells, plus you’ll gain a customer you can sell to again.

Selling on eBay is easier than you think and their website helps you get started. Visit www.ebay.com and click the “Sell” link on the top menu to begin the process. One of the great benefits of eBay is that most items are already listed there, so you can easily choose a products and have the photos and description already filled in for you (but you need to customize your listing so you stand out from the rest). The best part of selling on eBay is that once you sell an item to someone there, you can add their email address to your email marketing list. Need help? eMerchantClub has professional training on how to sell on eBay and Amazon, and this training is on sale now!

3. Send Out an Email Promotion

Everyone loves getting a great deal, and you can put great offers right into your registered shoppers’ inboxes from your eMerchantClub store. Creating a Newsletter can be as simple as a few sentences with a coupon code, or a graphic image that will capture their attention.

There are a few tricks to getting your shoppers to open your emails. Most people get a lot of emails every day from different retailers, so yours needs to stand out. You need a great subject line that makes them want to open it up (think of something that would make YOU open up an email). Then, once they open it, inspire them and make it easy for them to get to your store to shop. Include a link to your store in the email and if you want to offer a discount, make it clear this is a great deal and only available for a limited time! If you want to create a coupon code, it’s easy in your eMerchantClub Magento website (watch our how-to video on coupon codes here).

We have a great offer for eMerchantClub members right now! Call to take advantage of our Special Offer this week and get a deal on a website upgrade or a marketing package for your online store! 1-800-238-8509