Advanced Website Education Program (AWEP)

Specialized One-on-One Lessons Tailored Just For You

Once you have your online business, you may need some help figuring out all the details, technical aspects, and marketing methods that will make your store stand out. eMerchantClub has created a wide-ranging educational program that covers topics that are important to new and established website owners, which we call our Advanced Website Education Program. You choose what you want to learn, or ask one of our experts for their suggestions on what information you’ll need to help your business grow.

Think of AWEP as a college course that was built specifically to give you the tools you need to succeed with your online business, with no extra fillers or time-wasting information. Each class is approximately one hour long, and you’ll get the undivided attention of one of our Advanced Marketing Mentors who will walk you through the lesson step-by-step. You can get your questions answered, learn what you need to know, and you’ll have access to the lesson so you can go through it as many times as you like.

Advanced Training Classes

Successful business owners know the basics of their business. Get one-on-one instruction from our experts on any of these topics and you’ll gain the knowledge you need to lead your online business with confidence.

Strategic Meta Tags

Benefit: Learn to use meta tags on your website so search engines list your site in prospective shoppers’ search results when they’re looking to buy products you sell.

Selling on eBay

Benefit: Learn what successful eBay sellers know, from how to list products effectively to how to establish brand-name recognition for your business.

Selling on Amazon

Benefit: Learn how to list your products on Amazon Marketplace, which can increase your sales and lead to brand-name recognition for your business.

Link Exchange

Benefit: Learn how to join link exchange programs that let you trade links with other online stores, which can increase your customer reach and improve your search engine ranking by building trust with Google.

Easy Item Upload and Download

Benefit: Learn how to use the impressive upload/download tool on your eMerchantClub website so your webstore shows the exact products you want to promote to your customers.

Website Customization

Benefit: Become the master of your website by learning how to customize your website’s homepage so your customers can easily navigate through your store, find what they want, and make a purchase.

Promotion Primer

Benefit: Explore different types of promotions you can use on your website and how to customize them for your business in order to reach more customers and potentially increase sales.

Advanced Newsletter

Benefit: Learn how to set up and send engaging newsletter emails to your registered online shoppers that will motivate them to return to your website to see new products or featured promotions

Create a Rewards Program

Benefit: Learn how to create a reward program that awards accumulative points for purchases to encourage shoppers to return and spend points or collect more points on future orders.

Linking and Advertising for Your Website

Benefit: Learn how your website can earn even more money by placing advertising links on your web pages that build trust with Google and can help improve your site’s search results.

How to Effectively Use Google Adsense

Benefit: Learn how to set up a Google AdSense account in order to add profit-generating banners to your website, which can increase revenue, build customer interest and raise search engine ranking.

The Basics of Blogging for Business

Benefit: Learn how to start a blog and how it can lead to meaningful connections with your customers by creating interest in your business, reaching more people, and improving your search engine ranking.

Get the Most Out of Smart Support

Benefit: Learn how to use Smart Support to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers, improving their shopping experience and encouraging new customers to shop, click and buy.

Use Facebook for Your Business

Benefit: Learn how to leverage the largest social media site by effectively promoting your business to get more attention and clicks from potential and current shoppers.

The Benefits of Having Managed SEO

Benefit: Learn how to add Managed SEO to your website, increasing your business’s visibility on the Internet by getting more attention from important search engines.

Auction Expeditor for Windows Only

Benefit: Auction Expeditor takes multiple product names, descriptions, images and price sand prepares them for quick upload to eBay. (Does not work with Mac computers)

PRIMED for Business to Help You Succeed

Benefit: Learn the basics of introductory marketing strategies that are used by companies large and small and that can help get your online business on the path to success.

Sitemaps 101

Benefit: Learn how to generate and submit a sitemap of your webstore to increase your search engine ranking, putting your website closer to the top of search results when shoppers are looking for items like yours.

Affiliate Marketing

Benefit: Set up an affiliate program on your site for other businesses to join to create a networks and connections along with marketing opportunities.

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Top-Level AWEP Training

When you’ve mastered the basics of online sales, these top-level training courses will give you the know-how to help you boost your business. You’ll get one-on-one instruction from our experts and the knowledge you need to take your website to the top.

Flash Doorway Customization

Benefit: Learn how to make a powerful and positive first impression on your visiting customers by creating and personalizing a flash doorway page in order to advertise seasonal promotions or featured specials.

How to Use Web Feeds

Benefit: Learn how to create an RSS Feed filled with content that will attract customers, as well as add external RSS Feeds to your site that can result in improved search engine ranking

Making the Most of Google Analytics

Benefit: Learn how to activate and implement Google Analytics to track traffic on your website so you can tailor your marketing, promotions and featured products to attract customers and increase profit potential.

Keyword Planner for Better Search Results

Benefit: Learn how to drive more traffic to your website by effectively using the Google Keyword Tool to determine which keywords are currently most popular and how to link those words to your website.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Benefit: Learn to use Search Engine Optimization on your website to encourage search engines to rank your site higher in results and increase the potential for customers to discover your store.

Auction Expeditor Tool for eBay

Benefit: Learn how to use this time-saving tool that helps you add multiple products to eBay all at once, including photos, descriptions and prices for quick upload.

Get Your Private Label eCatalog

Benefit: Learn how to download your website’s eCatalog and save it to a CD, DVD or flash drive, design a personalized cover and graphic on the disc for distribution to your customers.

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